Resources: The Great Thirstland

Web Resources

South African National Parks
Check out the Kalagadi Trans-frontier Park’s page for more information on the region’s wildlife.

Kalahari Peoples Fund
Read articles on the status of San groups, their culture, and the difficulties they face in modern Southern Africa.

Kalagadi Trans-frontier Park
Learn more about the park that encloses the Kalahari.

Kalahari Xeric Savannah
This profile on the Kalahari includes information on the region’s climate and biodiversity.

Destination Botswana
Destination Botswana provides a concise history of the area and a guide for those planning on traveling to the Kalahari or Botswana.

Read detailed descriptions of the famous Makgadikgadi Salt Pan and the park surronding it. Be sure to check out the section on the delta as well.


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