Video: Flamingo Chicks on the Move

Following their parents’ lead, the flamingo chicks march across the barren desert for weeks. Every evening, the parents fly miles to bring food to their young, but in their absence, the chicks often wander off course.

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  • Margery Silverton

    Amazing footage, equal to the march of the penquins in its drama.

  • clark

    @ 01:27 or -00:13 O_O oh my God, the right leg of the flamingo chick is in trouble?

  • M Rivas

    Heart breaking scenes seeing those chicks striving to survive.The fittest survives.

  • mike

    pbs always have unique programs. there’s always something interesting going out there

  • Tara Lawrence-Stuart

    This is compared to March of the Penguins, worthy of a movie, not just a 50-min. program . Christopher Plummer as usual conveys the urgency of the march in his narration.

  • Sam

    Hi! What is the name of the musical piece played at the very end of this program? Not this clip but in the end of the entire production :)

  • antmanbee

    I feel your pain:)
    That big round thing on birds leg is dried mud, as hard as concrete…

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