Kilauea: Mountain of Fire
Video: Song of the Volcano

Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, sings a continuous chorus beneath the surface of the Earth. Geophysicist Milton Garces uses infrasonic recording technology to listen in on activity in Kilauea’s lava tubes.

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  • Maya

    Hey this is pretty cool but scary! I bet it was so cool to see this volcano explode!!!!

  • Suzanne

    Thank you for sharing this, it was really neat to hear!

  • Rupertsland

    I really enjoyed this program. One of the best.

    The “Song of the Volcano” segment reminded me of the November 2002 NOVA special, “Volcano’s Deadly Warning” (see, which featured Bernard Chouet’s method for predicting eruptions by listening to a volcano. But there is a difference. Chouet’s method uses seismology, whereas Milton Garces listens to the actual sound produced by a volcano.

    Has anyone considered using BOTH methods simultaneously to correlate infrasonic technology with seismic events beneath volcanoes?

  • Ethan

    is there any way to get that audio file?

  • elizabeth knappert

    is there a recording of Pele we can listen to, I mean, Really listen to just her?

  • Emma

    I second Ethan’s comment! I could not believe my ears when Garces played what was recorded. You should make a CD of this, I would happily buy it!

  • Jaila Hansen

    So moved to hear these volcanic songs. I would love to be able to have a copy of the music. Any opportunity to do so? Thanks for your reply.

  • marilena

    los hombres piensan que son muy importantes en el planeta y no se dan cuenta de cómo la naturaleza grande y hermoso, con su fuerza natural en un mundo en constante evolución repertagem hermosa …

  • Oksana Yonan

    An absolute joy to hear. Thanks for the opportunity. I share with others the desire that a CD recording be release for ongoing enjoyment. Good work. A scientist using his imagination.

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  • Vestidos de 15 años

    This is unbeliavable! Those audios should be used to create new sounds for songs:) Hope never to see myself in the middle of an active volcano.

  • Vestidos de 15 años

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  • Courtney Stowell

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  • Alejandra

    wow awesome shots, beautiful video, thanks for sharing I learned more about the volcano

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