Life in Death Valley
Video: Devil's Hole Pupfish

Under Death Valley lies one of the largest aquifer systems in the United States. At Devil’s Hole, a tiny fish has survived for thousands of years. But now, the Devil’s Hole pupfish may be in trouble.

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  • Laraina

    i am a 9 year old and i love everything that has to do with nature and animals!

  • Mike


  • Diane

    Didnt realize there were such problems in regard to the puff fish extinction. The people are so dedicated.

  • benny watson

    very interesting place to visit .thought there were pup fish up in a hole somewhere around mina nev.back around 1987

  • nero

    Ever think that god has a purpose for them, and most likely something else will transcend this species. Your propaganda machine wont fool everyone.

  • Nancy Jo Austin

    Nero, what a well-chosen name! Fiddling while the city burns.

    God doesn’t make junk, He wants us to love and care for his creation. Why would we profess to love God and not love what He created? The pupfish is just an indicator of the health of the aquifer. Like a canary in a coal mine, its demise speaks volumes about the quality of care we are affording God’s creation.


    there are various other pools in ASH MEADOWS were the feds have put other pupfish populations – btw, the very mention of religion in all this is like an open cesspool – whats this WE stuff – SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Nancy – you have zero right to speak on my behalf – thats for damn sure – in retrospect – the one species this planet could do without?? MANKIND… have a great day 8o)

  • Mari

    i think u should take some of the fish and put them some where like the aquarium and wait until they give offspring to see if u should keep them in death valley or not.
    sorry nero, but i kinda agree w/ Nancy
    : )

  • khunploy

    i’m 10 years old and i loved this show sense i was for years old! its the best nature show ever. i even study nature and animals its so fun sense i can learned so many things oh thank you nature thank you :D

  • david millaud

    we have the same type of pupfish here at in louisana you can find them most everywhere !!!!!!!

  • Person

    Pup fish are very interesting

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  • Dan G

    To Nero: or maybe if we abuse the power that God gave us, and use it to destroy nature, something else will “transcend” OUR species . . .

  • april

    Oh, I’m sure there are populations in captivity. There are actually several species in the aquarium hobby that are extinct in the wild. You’ll see them if you belong to a half-way decent aquarium club.

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