Living Edens: Temple of the Tigers

Living Edens: Temple of the Tigers explores how one of the subcontinent’s most magnificent and endangered animals fulfills its destiny in a remote nature preserve that also shrouds the ruins of a long-fallen empire.

Hinduism, the dominant religion of India, views all living creatures as moving on the same wheel of fate. Karma determines each one’s destiny, and a trinity of gods representing the cycles of creation, preservation, and destruction oversees the universe.

The filmmakers transport viewers to the Bandhavgarh plateau rising from the jungles of central India. Once the capital of a powerful dynasty of maharajas, it is now the protected domain of the royal Bengal tiger and other indigenous wildlife. The city’s palace and temple ruins are also the solitary retreat of an old Hindu priest, who tends the shrines and awaits the annual pilgrimage made by thousands of the devout who come to pray at these ancient places of worship.

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  • Pie

    Cool I live animals I want to be a peson that saves animals!!!!!!!

  • amber,desiree

    awsome u should post more pictures with tigers in it!

  • CO.

    i love tigers i wonder when there making a video
    of tigers!

  • Micky

    i love animals my favorites are black panthers, wolves, horses, tigers and mountain lions. why dont people ever leave comments on this page? i wish people would stop hunting. dont buy a purebred adopt a pound dog!

  • elley

    I want to learn more about tiger. What do they eat. when were they decovered. Pretty please can you give more information about tigers and all the other animal. Besides this you did a pretty good job. keep up the good work.

  • Michael Pepe

    I enjoy watching the habitat and elusive life of the siberian tiger.

  • nicole

    that is the most beautiful cat species i’ve ever seen…

  • Minakshi Watts

    We recently spotted a huge male tiger at the Jim Corbett National Park. My first tiger spotting… hubby has seen several over the years. What a feeling. The guide here told us that the Kanha forest tigers are all counted, accounted for and have chips implanted in them to track them at any given time. Tourists are just guided to the spot where the tiger/tigers are transmitting a connection. What a pity. Its one thing to go in search of an animal in its natural habitat, chance upon one….and quite another to be guided to one who you can find anytime, anywhere.

  • Monica

    Simply Elegant!

  • Audrey

    When i think of tigers, i think hobbes from calvin and hobbes. TIGERS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cheryl

    It is hard for me to pick my favorite big cat..they are all all magnificent..but I would love to be able to touch a tiger.

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