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Photos: Inside the Moment: Tiger

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Four-inch canine teeth are equipped with pressure-sensitive nerves, which guide tigers to the lethal space between vertebrae when they make a kill.
The tiger’s clavicle is small and floats between bones, attached only to muscles. This enables much greater stride lengths and allows the shoulder blades to pivot freely when running.
Tigers’ back legs are longer than the front, and feature outward-jutting spurs on the bones that allow for longer, stronger muscles.
Tigers can jump more than 30 feet in a single leap.
Tigers can move very fast – up to 30 feet per second.
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  • Tim

    Today is the first time I have visited the “Nature” website since it has been updated and improved. Very nice job.

    I’m now looking at a picture of a running tiger that includes some interactive dots. Point to a dot and get brief and interesting facts about tigers. One of the dots-adjacent to the tiger’s right elbow-states tigers can leap 30 feet high.
    A typical 2 story house is less than 30 feet tall. That means a tiger can jump right over a 2 story house and clear the peak of the roof by several feet.
    I wonder if the caption should read that tigers can leap 30 feet in a single pounce.
    If I am wrong and tigers do indeed jump 30 feet high, can you please send a link to such video footage?
    Below is a link to the web page I am speaking about.
    Thanks for listening,

  • Karl Bolser

    I was extremely disappointed in the misrepresentation of the anatomy of the tiger. The shoulder (scapulohumeral) joint is in the wrong location and is backwards. The point of the shoulder (i.e. most forward (cranial) projection) is not the “top” of the scapula (shoulder blade) as depicted in the video; it is the actual shoulder joint. The scapula needs to be turned about 160 degrees. This is an error that should have been caught long before final production.

  • cheryl Wright

    Better than the big 8 part nature programs. Color and picture so true to life.. Wonderful ! I want More, more, more.

  • Claire

    I was especially amazed at the video footage of the tiger leaping into the air at the person on the elephant. It is amazing that they are able to jump so high, and that it went straight for the person. Just as stunning as the first half of the program!

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