Moment of Impact
Video: Full Episode - Part 2 - Jungle

The jungle’s layers are peeled back to dissect more amazing moments of impact. Stealth and ambush reign in the jungle and survival depends on highly tuned senses and ingenious defenses. From ninja ants to flying snakes, cameras dive underwater, sail through trees and penetrate fur, feathers, skin and bone to reveal the science of some amazing animal engineering hidden deep in the jungle. This film premiered April 11, 2010.

  • Darryl

    …..fantastic series…..the tiger attack was sensational….

  • Vikram

    Amazing,the tiger’s new discovery!!! at the end. I purchased both these DVD. It’s more than animals…..true scientific facts.

  • MarjorieM

    I love the section on ospreys! Thank you for this. I have been avidly watching the webcam on the 25-year-old osprey at the Loch of the Lowes in Dunkeld, Scotland as she has found a new mate and is trying to train him to be a good nest builder and provider. We see closeups of the eggs and of her trying to wrest a fish from the talons of the male, etc, but these shots of ospreys fishing are not something I had seen before.

  • Roderick steele

    truly amazing animals

  • sue kuhlman

    I loved this and would like to purchase it for my grand son, how do I do that and where?

  • Rachelle

    Simply Incredible. The tiger was amazing. It is very cool when they discover new things about well-known animals. Great show!

  • petrone

    these are some of the greatest videos on nature i have ever seen

    thankyou so much

  • Dane

    This video was A M A Z I N G!! (in capital letters). I love animals! INCREDIBLE. This stuff is my life.

  • robcat2075

    Neat program but someone needs to vet the script better.

    The butterfly isn’t really blue, it just has scales that reflect blue light?

    That’s how color works. Blue things are blue because they are reflecting only blue light.

  • vlado

    that sucks, cant whatch it because im in Canada??


    i want these videos to work plz make them work because i love this show

  • kouj

    the tiger is amazing i have a pet one shes adorable!!!!!

  • Nature at work

    The tiger is elegent in it’s attacks & it is very bueatiful as it is DANGEROUS. { not to mention adorable & admirable.}

  • pete

    I watched a few episodes online last night and suddenly today I get a “this video is no longer available in your area” error message???

  • katt

    i appreciate these episodes w/out commercial interruptions

  • eddie

    Great video although there was no information for the bird toward the end with the evil grey face swooping to grab the calm cool and collected monkey type animal slowly climbing the tree. Please tell us what they were! That sloth or whatever was too cool for the jungle until he was surprised by the killer bird. LOL.. its crazy how balanced the ecosystem is .. no animal is invincible.

  • tommy

    TIGER 1, HUMAN 0

  • Judson Pewther

    I agree with robcat2075: some expert needs to check the script for scientific accuracy. In addition to the nonsense about the butterfly’s wings not really being blue, I also noticed that this show perpetuates the myth of the ant’s extraordinary strength. Yes, these forest ants really can carry 10 times their own weight. But there is nothing extraordinary about a creature that small being able to carry 10 times its own weight. The seeming great strength is because of the smallness. See the article at this site:

    So if I, who am not an expert, noticed two errors, how many errors are there that I didn’t notice?

  • pam

    I love this biomechanics stuff, and this episode is fantastic and leaves me wanting to dive deeper. (did anyone notice that at about minute 17, while talking about the osprey’s talons, it shows the back end of a duck? Unless my eyes deceive me. . .)

  • Lynn

    I loved it!!

  • nathan

    i loved it. dafinetly in my top 10

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