Moment of Impact
Video: Preview Part 1 - Hunters & Herds

From Africa’s Serengeti to California’s grasslands, some of nature’s most dramatic moments are caught, examined and “fractured” into their unique parts … within creatures great and small … to reveal the amazing abilities that give each animal the instinct, intelligence and brute prowess to survive. From elaborate impact sequences that spin around animals caught in a “frozen moment” to animations that go inside their bodies – a unique view of animals’ amazing biomechanics is revealed.

Part 1 – Hunters & Herds premieres Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 8pm ET (check local listings).

  • mimi

    looks realy cool, i cant wait to se it; but nothigs on tonight. Dose anybody know why?

  • Max

    I sure hope PBS comes in. This looks awesome.

  • Pk

    Awesome Job NG Go Kory Dad

  • Marx

    This must be very exciting to watch, I can’t wait till Sunday evening!

  • Julio

    God’s efficient creation at its best.

  • Keith

    This episode shows why “Nature” has been one of my favorite shows since its inception. I will always miss George Page.

  • Oxyman

    NATURE: it constantly reminds us of who really is boss and just how beautiful our planet is.


    our Mother EARTH IS100% NATURE

  • mjo

    when the bighorn sheep clashed I thought I could feel it myself, it was too real!

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