Murder in the Troop
Video: New Leader Brings Upheaval

Many different baboon troops live along the Zambezi River, and their ranges overlap. When a large male from a neighboring troop chases off the dominant male of the invaded troop, chaos ensues. Now, there is a new king here.

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  • Uli Welsch

    a fantastic film. so much excellent observations. I wondered how long the troop was filmed? one full cycle??
    I am searching if I can buy this film!? Woul like it as a gift? Please advise! Thanks, Kindly Uli

  • rahul4col

    uli welsc , you download videos directly using real player one.there is a free version that gives you this facility. try it.

  • sk00l boy

    it was verry intristin

  • Erik Olaf

    I found this fascinating. It was like watching tribes that might have existed thousands of years ago. It was also like watching some of my relatives.

  • Lettie

    I found this episode of Nature very interesting and packed full of information. Congrats to you!!

  • dhev

    These baboons remind me of some journey movie. It is almost identical how people live and cope with one another to survive. Some part was emotional for me that left me feeling bad for these animal and others as well. I gained very good feed back on these baboons and looking forward to more of NATURE episode on other unique animals, you guys have done a great job by far in filming from all angles. Thank you guys keep up the good work.

  • Marian123

    how do i download this? or where do i go to download this?

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