My Life as a Turkey
Video: Turkey Fight

Tensions rise as the male turkeys begin to practice displaying.

  • Daisy

    The show was a wonder and I loved it. But, I didn’t understand the end. Why did Turkey boy attack you ?
    Thank you, keep up the great work.

  • Vernon Kelso

    I suspect Turkey Boy realized “Mother” is actually a male. Hence, a competitor for mating rights and was just doing what turkey Toms and Buck deer do during rut.

  • Lillie

    This was the very best of the best on PBS! My eyes were glued to the tube – so insightful to a small portion of the animal world. Animal communication is so interesting. It hit every emotion! Also beautiful beautiful video of nature. I hope another video from your next adventure is to follow.

  • James Manley

    During the last few moments of the program, when Turkey Boy began attacking Joe, a local NOAA weather alert interrupted the audio portion of the program for several minutes. We could see the video but the audio was not available. What was said and when Joe picked up the stick did he kill or injure Turkey Boy in self defense? It was a great show and my wife & I enjoyed it tremendously. Will it be aired again? If so when? We would like to enjoy watching it again. We also enjoy PBS and watch many programs aired on it.

  • Reid

    At the end when Turkey Boy attacked Joe it was clearly a behavior called posturing – the turkey was trying to prove his dominance over Joe thus Joe would leave and TB would be the only supermale on the block. This behavior is found in most wild animals. The same way that Sweet Pea had a crush on Joe and probably TB got jealous. I call my goslings the exact same names – Sweet Pea and Boy.. among others. The bond is truly amazing. People do not know that birds have a fun personality and often spend their day laughing at their own slapstick…

  • James

    We have a number of wild turkeys on our property. Last spring, two hens with their combined broods would come up the woods path behind our house, walk either down the edge of our driveway or in the strip of trees next to it, cross the road into the neighbors yard, and back into the woods down the road following a circuitous route. One morning while I was working at my computer I glanced out of the window and they were in the front yard pecking away. They stayed the better part of an hour foraging and sunning themselves before wandering into the woods and across the road following their normal path. I was able to take a few pictures of them through the window in my computer room and shared them with my friends. I feel really blessed to have experienced their company so close.

  • Candice

    I loved this show! We are raising three Royal Palm turkeys we incubated last Spring and I experienced much of what he describes and learned a lot, too.

  • Gary

    Simply fantastic!!!!! As an avid Florida outdoorsman, I was absolutely glued to every scene. Excellent work!!!

  • alieftwu1

    i was sad when all the turkies left but that what all big animals do go to the wild and the part where TB [Turkey Boy] attacked joe:(

  • Leslie

    As a 5th generation native Floridian, I have thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and the amazing footage captured during this wild adventure! We were able to DVR the broadcast, and have been able to share it with friends and family throughout the holiday season. It’s such a great reminder to live in the moment. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible journey! I’m curious as to where your cabin is in Florida? My guess is around Kissimmee, my mom thinks North Florida….

  • Shari

    This was an excellent program, I was glued to the show. Please another Joe Hutto nature experience, next in Wyoming.
    Congratulations Nature!

  • Dignan

    great story. i have felt such kindred with all the dogs i’ve owned through my life. really hope to see his next adventure.

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