Voyage of the Lonely Turtle

A solitary loggerhead turtle in the middle of a vast ocean may not sound like an adventure film, but stick with her. Along her 9,000-mile voyage to nest, our loggerhead tour guide in Voyage of the Lonely Turtle encounters hammerhead sharks, deep ocean tempests, and man-made death traps in the form of fishing nets and hooks.

Premiered April 15, 2007

Unforgettable Elephants

We have seen them dressed in costumes and dancing at circuses, living solitary lives at zoos or giving our children a thrill with a ride on their back. But the largest land animals live a life that is completely foreign to us when left to their own in the wild -- one complete with battles and births, kidnappings and camaraderie.

Premiered April 1, 2007

Andes: The Dragon’s Back

With glaciers marking its tip, active volcanoes running along its spine, snow-capped peaks rising high above its range, both wet and dry tropical rainforests within its interior, and desert, lowland savanna and alpine tundra in between, the Andes is an extraordinary world of diverse terrain, extreme temperatures and multifarious wildlife.

Premiered February 25, 2007

Raptor Force

In Raptor Force, you’ll learn the secrets of raptors, and how they’ve mastered, more than any other type of bird, the art of soaring. And with the help of engineer and falconer Rob MacIntyre’s ingenious miniature television station you’ll see for yourself what it’s like to fly with these deadly aces.

Premiered February 18, 2007