S26 Ep6
Parrots in the Land of Oz
Parrots in the Land of Oz
For millions of years, parrots have survived and thrived in Australia even as the continent underwent dramatic changes, including some brought about by man. Though some, like the golden-shouldered Parrot are threatened, these tough Aussies have adapted well to deal with harsh life in the outback. Clever, resourceful, opportunistic and resilient, parrots may be Australia’s toughest survivors.
Encored January 28, 2008
Premiered January 27, 2008
S26 Ep3
The Cheetah Orphans
The Cheetah Orphans
When the mother of two cheetah cubs is killed, a veteran filmmaker becomes their new parent and tries to prepare them to return to the wild. 7/24/11
Encored July 24, 2011
Premiered November 11, 2007
S25 Ep12
Dogs That Changed the World: Dogs By Design
Dogs That Changed the World: Dogs By Design
The second hour of "Dogs That Changed the World" details the explosion of the basic working dog types into the roughly 400 breeds known today; explores concerns about today’s competitive breeding and its effect on dogs’ health and well-being; and outlines dogs’ potential role in medical care for human beings.
Encored October 12, 2011
Premiered April 29, 2007