What Females Want | What Males Will Do

In the mating game, it is not always "do or die," but the penalties can be severe, and there is no single tried and true approach when it comes to the fascinating strategy of attracting a mate. Charles Darwin called it "sexual selection." NATURE is calling it What Females Want and Males Will Do for love -- a two-part miniseries about sexual selection.

Premiered March 7, 2012

Arctic Bears

Out of an Ice Age emerged one of our most majestic creatures — the polar bear. From its brown bear ancestry, the predator evolved to be a master of a harsh and unwelcoming ice kingdom.  Intelligent, adaptable and fierce, the polar bear learned how to survive in a place that offers few comforts to any creature. But now that very environment is in flux. And so is the polar bear’s fate.

Premiered July 25, 2012