The Last Orangutan Eden

Ecologist Chris Morgan travels to the jungles of Northern Sumatra to document the work being done to save its population of wild orangutans. Asia’s most intelligent ape once roamed across the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, but today, fewer than 7,000 Sumatran orangutans remain in the wild. The film cites rapid deforestation — clearing the land for vast palm oil plantations — as the chief reason for the species’ declining population.

Premiered February 25, 2015
Video expires June 4, 2016

Living Edens: Big Sur

California is the land of Disney, Hollywood, and freeway traffic jams. But on a much grander scale, it’s also the land of natural marvels, including a coastal paradise where wildlife and flora thrive in an unspoiled environment. This magnificent region is explored in intimate detail in Living Edens: Big Sur.

Premiered November 24, 2002