Parrots in the Land of Oz
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  • Debbie McCallum

    As a bird lover, I was overcome by the photography in “Parrots in the Land of Oz”
    special. It was one of the most interesting Nature shows I’ve seen. These birds
    are the ultimate in “flying free” and if we don’t do our best to save them from ruin these fantastic creatures will become extinct shortly. SAVE THE BIRDS

  • Kelvin Kalu

    I never knew this much about parrots. Im so stupid!

  • daniel bonador

    i have a bird back in the philippines,, we call it parrekits,, and i found out that the real name of that bird is BUDGERIGAR,, thanks PBS,,

  • Melissa

    POSITIVELY ABSOLUTELY ** MUST SEE ** show! Not only were the parrots amazing, but the photography of Australia was too! I had no idea it was that BEAUTIFUL. I’ll be a parrot in my next life and live there too :-)

  • Silvia Alvarez

    Thank you! I love the show. It’s an amazing program. I used to see those kind of programs when I was a kid. The Nature brings peace and happiness to aur heart. You must have to see it!

  • John Karpiscak

    The program was great. When my family and I were in Australia in 2006, we were amazed by flocks of rose breasted cockatoos all over NSW and Queensland. We have a healty respect for cockatoos, having our own hand raised Umbrella Cockatoo who loves being with us; another member of the family.

  • sam

    where is the most ideal place to put a parrot, i.e. whether outside in cage or indoor in a cage.

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