Penguins of the Antarctic
Interactive Map: Antarctic Penguin Habitats

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  • Lyman Allen

    Is it possible that a habitat for polar bears, tansplated in order to save them, could be found in Antarctica, ideally without too much endangering of penguins?

  • Alice

    Penguins rock

  • cj


  • Jeff


  • stephanie

    penguins rock!!

  • Ashley

    alright so, penguins are not boring and they do rock! so if you are picking on them, you try living in the antarctic and eating nasty polutted fish! goD! get a life and gro up people! :D

    byyeeee <3

  • Dezire

    i love penguins and i can’t belive how many different places they live at. every penguin is special in their own way but no matter what they are still penguins and they are still lovable. !!Go penguins!!

  • Cristina

    I need some info on the penguin’s habitat. Is it true that they don’t actually live in the artic?

    I love Penguins

  • chelsea

    why do penguins pujousde oil?

  • dMoney


  • Malcolm Musetti

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  • Aaron

    I will anwser some of the questions you all have 1.Cristina: yes Cristina it is true that penguins don’t live in the Arctic because when penguins first took a step on earth must have been only on Antarctica 2.Lyman Allen: no i wouldn’t think so, bears are canivores (which means they eat meat just saying) and since they hunt seals in the Arctic means they would atleast try to hunt penguins for food.
    So those are my anwsers for the two questions above.

  • Jillian

    I’m sorry, but the person who suggested that polar bears be transplanted to the Antarctic needs to get their head examined. Have a good look at what happens when you introduce alien species into an area that they were not indigenous to. All hell breaks loose and you have a species propagate beyond their capacity in which they destroy the indigenous species because the alien species has no natural predators to keep their numbers in control. Being that the polar bears only real predator is “humans”, their food source is seals. Only seals that live in the Antarctic are leopard seals and their life cycle is much different than the seals that live in the Arctic.
    YEAH, let’s just move animals around the world to save them and not face the fact that we are what is speeding up climate change and do nothing at all to slow it down.

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