Raptor Force
Download Raptor Wallpaper

Download the wallpaper for your desktop! PC users: Right click on the wallpaper and select “Set as Wallpaper.” Mac users: Save the image to your desktop, then select it via the Desktop tab of your Appearance control panel.

  • Mike Goldston

    Raptor Force is an awesome program. To RC slope soarers and glider flyers this is particularly interesting. Excellent job! Thanks

  • Alan Fresh

    Really enjoyed the raptor program! We need to protect all of our raptors,they are a need to our society! Just loved it!!

  • Maria

    we need to notprotect our raptors.. well maybe THERE ARE TOO MANY

  • Diddy

    I love raptors. They’re the best! Birds, especially birds of prey, are the most magestic brilliant animals ever and never ceas to amaze me.

  • dad

    yes i agree we do need to protect the rapters and thier habitates

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