Raptor Force
Raptor Vision Game

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  • dAFaf

    is this even a game????!!!!!?

  • haley

    it was way too easy !

  • allison

    whoo hoo… that was exciting… lol!!

  • austin

    i only found da bunny

  • 1234567489

    haha thats cute

  • doody

    your cute ;)

  • Keenan Smith

    i wish i was cure ;)

  • kitty 3000

    this game is so easy all you have to do is roll around fast because the animals are that big =P

  • Sheryl

    The point of the game is to view the difference in our vision vs. a raptor’s vision.

  • Katrina

    It was way too easy

  • lovley lily bum

    OMG would anyone like to play that game i was nearly falling asleep!!!! make an update and it maybey a little better!!!

  • katie

    i liked it.it waset my favorit but it was a good little game my dad liked it to he plays it sometimes so it aws good!

  • Jack

    who cares about this game, i mean, really!

  • SHE

    that was a cute game.i play it alot though i think it needs to make the animals look real and make it harder but i still realy like it.AND ALL OF YOU THAT SAID MEAN THINGS BE NICE FOR ONECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • she

    there is a house in the back ground. i noticed it when i was looking for the animals i thouight that was cool.

  • Kri

    dude, for like 10 minutes, I was looking for tiny, camoflaged animals. wow, this game is way easy.

  • Storm

    I have wondered about how good the vision of falcons and eagles is for a long time – very impressive. Thank you for giving me something of the experience of what it would be like to have such good eyesight.

  • Mark X

    I wonder if anyone thinks it’s sad when deer eat helpless leaves?

  • bubbles143

    cool to see through the Raptor’s eyes – for that A+

  • bev

    The difference in my vision and the raptors’ vision is like looking through a magnifying glass at 200 yards! This is quite the “eye-opener!”

  • AbiDali

    Enougn with the “oh it ate the mouse!” Its the circle of life! I have to admit the game was really easy, but it kinda gives a new Perspective

  • matt

    Well, you learn something new every day. I never knew that animals just kind of appear out of nowhere so that raptors will have something to eat. Neat!

  • andy

    boring… till a rapture eats your pet. I live in Chicago and unfortunately pets keep going missing. We found it is a awesome bird doing the hunting.

  • diana

    sorry about what i said a minuit ago but the animals are that big when you find them because that’s how a falcon would see it,okay and abidali you are right please evreybody stop getting so sad when the falcon eats something.

  • diana

    austin it will be okay try again you know what today was the first day i found all the animals

  • will

    I found all of them my first time

  • rose

    I can only find the rabbit:(…………..


    This is a really stupid game. It is a game for 3-4 year olds. Why can’t PBS have harder games where you have to think about what you are doing, not games where you can’t wait for the game to end.

  • The Russian

    Lol this game needs some more spice…. like choosing how to eat the mice and stuff!! That would be fun….. (this was not a 4 year old)

  • WOW

    wow thatwas the hardest game i’ve ever played before, i’m sticking to MW2

  • Rachel

    This game was OK!!

  • Susanna


  • Susanna

    never mind… found them all in 7 sec.

  • warriors cats rule!!!

    i like birds that kill!!! :D

  • thomas

    this is a descrace of a game

  • dejuan

    it was a fun game

  • Solomon

    Thanx I found this sight while searching for “peregrine falcon vision” so I appreciate the magnification. Too bad ppl want this sight to be an xbox, lol. I think it serves it’s purpose.

  • dueces

    thomas your funny and right i didnt like this game too much : < (

  • http://dddd-ztgbxcjgds-dsdsd.net Chris Sievert

    lost car keys bradford…

  • Walter

    The Falcon is an extraordinary bird! Quit complaining about how easy it was…you’re SUPPOSED to ind the prey animals! (How else could we see how the Falcon sees)?

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