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Raven on a stormy day

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  • Susan Armstrong

    Ravens are my favorite birds. I have just a few living in this area, Northwest Washington. I shall enjoy the photo when I use my computer. Thank you. Susan

  • vanessa

    I work in the Alberta oilsands and there are lots up here ,I have a pet raven on my site very intellegent,steals the crews lunches when not looking and shiny metallic objects. Thanks for the research on my friend

  • Isleif Otero

    I love ravens!!

  • steve

    Someone posted a sign about a lost raven and lo and behold I ran into him at the Loew’s Hotel in Santa Monica. He was at the pool area scavaging from diners. Beautiful bird. He came over to me but when I put out my arm for a perch he pecked it. I got in touch with the owner and he was rescued. I want one.

  • susan

    I have one that stays here with us, he’s been here for about 4yrs. He’s absolutely the most frustrating, beautiful, intelligent creature I’ve met. Couldn’t do without him!

  • Shadren

    Ravens are awsome when I lived in Alaska they stole things from people all the time. They are amazing birds

  • Louis J. Lyell

    I encountered my first wild raven this summer (at a camp in Ontario on Lake Temagami called Ojibway of Keewaydin) and was fascinated by him. I would offer him a pretzel stick, which he would take from my hand, place on the ground, put a claw on one end, and break off a bite-size piece from the other end. When I was slow to offer him a stick, he would pluck at my sleeve or pants leg. My hope is that “Rodney” and I will meet again next summer, for he is an amazing creature.

  • sarataylor

    I think that ravens are the most awsome big-black-birds in the world.They sound interesting to me so I’m doing some research on those huge birds.I want a black raven as a pet,and named it Graveyard.

  • calvin adams

    I’m looking for a raven in flight, head on

  • Judy Taylor

    Ravens are wondrous. We have a pair living nearby – right in the city – For some short clips of a young raven etc – my facebook group is called Crows and Crow Followers

  • Millie Guinn

    We lived in Yuba City, CA for twenty years. There were a gazillion crows. I was lucky enough to study them. I love crows and ravens. I don’t get to interact with ravens as much, as they stay out in the forest and eat “roadkill”. We now live on the Southern Oregon coast.

  • Bonnie

    I live on top of a mountain in Northeast Georgia. A few weeks ago when we had snow I put out seed for the birds and about a dozen ravens showed up. I quickly cut up some lunchmeat and put it out in 3 pieces. A raven came, sized up the situation, went to the piece on the left and carried it back and put it on top of the middle piece. Then he did the same to the piece on the right. When he had a perfect stack of all three pieces, he scooped them up in his bill and flew off! He figured out how not to leave any for anyone else to have. I feed the whole crew everyday now when there is snow or ice. If I am late putting the meat out one of them will come hit my window to get my attention.

  • mickey

    I want some pictures of these ravens ,so i can paint them on my jeans….Their so beautifull…………

  • Amy B

    Ravens have been and will always be my favorite bird- my native animal totem is the raven and i have a small tatoo of a raven on my back!!!! there are some awesome clothes and statues out there to show your love for these birds, i have the jewelry and the shirt that says ” Raven Lunatic”

  • Huw

    I left a trout I’d caught unattended today and when I returned a raven had removed it from the bag and eaten the eyes. A few years ago a raven opened my rucksack and removed a bag with two trout inside. Same thing with the eyes pecked down to the bone. I don’t really mind as I enjoy the company of ravens when hill walking and have seen them barrel roll and even loop the loop on one occasion.

  • Victoria

    You don’t see Ravens this south in Michigan although there are crows. But one sunny afternoon after I tossed grass seed on my front lawn and then went inside, coming out again I had been invaded by very large black birds who were not afraid of me at all. There were about 20 of them. And then I met the Boss. He was the biggest black bird I’ve ever seen. And he somehow knew I had more seed in the bag I held. So being prudent I left the bag on the porch and went back inside. He hopped up to the porch, dumped over the bag and feasted, all the while keeping the other birds at bay by squawking at them fiercely. He couldn’t eat it all so he hopped a ways away and the other birds ate the remaining seeds. Clean as a whistle out there on that porch and not a seed left on the lawn! Fascinating. Haven’t seen them since but would love to.

  • Steve Hethcox

    I live in West Centeral Georgia and we are blessed with the crow! They steal my pecans off my trees. There will be twenty here most any day. I enjoy listening to them talk to each other. And they do have there pecking order.

  • Melanie

    I can appreciate people wanting ravens as pets. However, they are part of our wildlife ecosystem and should remain as such. I love them as much as the others who have posted their comments and experiences but let’s leave them as they are meant to be…….smart, beautiful and wild.

  • Jane Corwin

    I am fascintated by ravens as well. My last name, Corwin, comes from the Latin, Corvinus. This means “raven” in Latin.



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