Video: Getting a "Birdie"

Some ravens have taken to stealing and hiding golf balls, perhaps because they look like eggs. 

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  • Burnell Yow!

    Way to go!

  • Jack

    Given the intelligence of the Raven I would imagine they are merely trying to save a “Human Egg” from being smashed by the human with the golf club. And maybe to have a human as a pet once it has hatched but, that is just my opinion of this intelligent aviarian

  • Marie

    Anyone who has birds knows that this Raven is just out for some fun. It has no intention of eating that ball. Birds love to play with balls. And by hiding it, he’s just making sure that golfer never sees it again!

  • RavenHearted

    I have a pet raven named Odin. He used to have a hatch mate named alundra, that used to be absolutely obsessed with milk caps. And wanting him to play with her she would deposit them at his feet, which he would promptly shew away. After her death he started to gather them much like the one in the video and put them in her perch. I think for a type of mourning after her, not sure but still very invoking.

  • david

    Helpful in trying to identify a possible local pair of ravens from the more probable carrion crows.

  • Kristen Bieger


  • Angelica

    I love ravens so much they are the most awesome birds in the world. I dont get why people dont like ravens so much they are astonishing birds.

  • scarecrowmeow, dad in Family RAVEN

    Tell the truth, who has not wanted to do that to a golfer. .!,!.

  • truth seeker

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  • RealityCheck

    Irrelevant to the original post, truth seeker.


    Someone said that RAVENS can pick up a small dog, is this true? I don’t think their talons are large enough.
    Why does a RAVEN come into my backyard and chase my dog? Is he looking for food that my dog might have out there? Thanks

  • Anne Smith

    When my husband and I were on honeymoon on the island of Colonsay in 1995 we were playing golf on a totally unspoilt links course – sheep, rabbit warrens etc. – and lost 12 golfballs. Couldn’t understand where the balls were disappearing too until we saw the raven swoop down after our tee shots and carry the balls away into the distance. Amazing – one of us then had to wave our hands and jump up and down while the other one hit his/her shot – so funny! When we got back to the hotel we told the owner and he said “oh yes, I forgot to mention that!” Birds are so clever – even the London pigeons get on the tube and get off again a few stops down the line!

  • Hope Honey

    My thirteen pound beautiful cat was on the balcony that has a overhand roof and she was close to the door, within minutes she had disappeared last night. This is in a residential part of a city in Alaska. There are ravens that constantly are in the trees around the neighbourhood. I have been looking for her most of the night and not a trace. This morning I went out again at 5 a.m. to search again. It was very quiet, all of a sudden two ravens were on the roof of the house and two others in trees on either side flying back and forth over the house with terrible screeching and commotion. When I went back inside they subsided and moved away. I’m thinking the worst of this and very saddened. Do ravens go after live animals? I’m not thinking good thoughts of them anymore, they are murderers and seem to be rejoicing in my loss.

  • Raven’s Laugh

    Raven’s are not capable of carrying a cat sized animal away, or of even doing it more harm than pulling out tufts of fur. They don’t have talons like raptors such as eagles, hawks, or falcons. Just claws which are not capable tearing flesh. I am quite sure a Raven is not responsible for the disappearence of your wonderful cat. Ravens are widely believed to be the most intelligent of wild birds. They are one of the few non-human species which are “self-aware” along with dolphins, elephants, and apes. You live in Alaska, and their eagles there. If a bird is responsible for the lost pet, it is probably the eagle. Certainly not the Raven.

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