Video: Meddling with Eagles

Two eagles drop through the sky with talons locked — courtship behavior on which the rest of their relationship will depend. But a nearby raven can’t resist the opportunity to stir up mischief.

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  • Pat Speers

    I am a rehabber and I just got my first raven (non-releasable) and this helps me to understand their super intelligence and what interaction and intertainment will have to happen. Thanks

  • Jamie

    I have two pet crows that fly free and they will land on my head, hang arond my farm and go off and come back for much of the day, etc.. About a week ago they came back with a wild raven. he has been watching as Crosby and Draven interact with me and my sons closley and now he is almost eating out of my hand. He is very loving with Crosby esp. and they preen each other and feed each other. It is amazing to see. esp. in RI because there are very few ravens here. I am amazed how smart they all are!

  • Simfish/InquilineKea

    OMG ravens rock my socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    It’s really funny, it’s like a Heckel and Jeckel cartoon. They were always getting into mischief. That cartoon makes more sense to me now as I can better understand why they were always getting into trouble! I wish I could see the whole episode. Give us more please!

  • Raven S.

    It is amazing to watch them isnt it? Smart, full of life and always wanting to see what is going on with the other guys.

  • Pete

    How cool are Ravens ? There is a whole episode about them on “The Simpsons” !!!

  • Lindsay

    Does anyone know where, specifically the name of the lake, over which this segment was filmed?

  • Ashley

    I never knew eagle love was so beautiful.

  • Grace

    Yeah! That Eagle Courtship Dance was very touching.

  • patty potter

    belive or not I have a raven, that flue down to me yesterday, I was surprise , he let me feed him, he will flow me around the moble park, I feed him apples ots & other thing I think he will eat, he , out side if I let him in he would but I dont wount him in , he fly from onr window to another looking four me, win am out side weeding out my gardent he right there with me , he take food right out of my hand I keep frish water out four him, I live in florida, I think god send him to me I love him , ps hope you can read this not a good speller, just wounted to shair, patty

  • Shermakaye

    Patty, your story about your pet raven is really moving. Thanks for sharing it. Makes me want a pet raven.

  • Rei Kuromiya

    XD Its like the raven was mocking the two eagles while there were in the middle of the courting ritual. I can imagine one thing going through that crow’s head: “Oh cool. I think I’ll have fun annoying these two for a while…”

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