Video: Playing in the Snow

Ravens love a fresh snowfall. This raven truly seems to be enjoying itself as it rolls again and again through the snow — more like a puppy than a bird.

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  • Susanna – Italy

    Believe me, birds, and corvids in particular, do have a sense of humor: my megpie used to start laughing at a funny situation a second before we did. They learn to imitate any sound and voices and use their ability appropriately. Thanks PBS for such precious videos and for your educational mission!!

  • Mikke

    Not sure how this is the behavior “more of a puppy than a bird,” given that corvids were doubtless doing this tens of millions of years before canines appeared on earth! If anything this wonderful, charming clip shows us just how skewed our perceptions of birds have been, and how much we have to learn.

  • Margaret

    This is so sweet.God thinks of everything!

  • Kristen Bieger

    HEY SUSANNA! I use to own a megpie named Pepsi. But my little sis threw her on the roof, and she flew away. But then I got 2 baby megpies. 1 for me, and 1 for my sister. I named him Pepper. My sister’s megpie died from an infecction. And Pepper escaped. =( but I’m getting a new megpie this summer. Hopefully it won’t escape again!

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