Video: Raven Intelligence

The raven’s intelligence and persistence are fascinating to observe. In Scandinavia, an unattended ice fishing line turns provides an easy meal for a clever raven — until the frustrated fisherman finally discovers the thief’s identity. 

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  • raziel

    when do we get to see the full episode online? ive been waiting for few months now

  • terry Turman

    It was the raven that God sent to feed Elijah in IKings the seventeenth chapter, It is no wonder the raven is so smart!

  • Joanne

    I teach bird classes. I would like to purchase this video to show to the class. Where can I purchase it?

  • Barry Groom

    Almost every time when I was backpacking in the Western U.S. a raven would visit my campsite and leave me a feather for my collection. I would spend much time talking with them and they seemed to understand what I was saying. The Navajo believe the the raven is a wise bird who was known for leading the correct way for travelers and mystic’s. When I was at an all time low in my life in the Arizona mountains the raven would leave pebbles on my windshield wiper’s to cheer me up and call outside to get me out of the house and chuckle at me. Very cool animals!

  • Vladimir

    I would like to second a request for the full episode. I absolutely love the ravens, and corvids in general. Something about them draws me in and has inspired a lot of my artwork. Great music in this clip too.

  • Zubair Aziz

    Thanks for capturing the wonderful video for learning wisdom from Nature. Nature has the Greatest wisdom for all times.If,We some how learn to stay calm, we would see the greatest wonder of Nature every day.

  • gayle harding

    I am in ocean city Maryland, there are a breeding pair in the pine trees and they are nesting right now tending to their young. One bird in particular flew down to me, sat on my deck and hopped down to chair next to me then to my arm of the chair and looked at me as if he was trying to communicate. I was stunned and barely moved due to the shear beauty of this bird. Plus, no other bird has ever done that to me. Now, I feed them and they are my true friends. A most intelligent species. I feel lucky to have had the experience and hope they stay around. Peace…

  • Bob Barker

    I have become fascinated with ravens/crows/corvids after witnessing an interesting behavior this week. I was driving over a busy bridge and saw a raven eyeing a piece of meatlike matter in the street. It watched as the cars passed , and when a gap came jumped quickly to grab the morsel, then went back to its perch on the metal rail. This may not seem so impressive, but I thought of the countless squirrels and chipmunks that dart right out into traffice, seemingly oblivious. This bird knew what it was doing, judged the traffic, made its move when it had a chance, and got back to safety in due course. This was in busy traffic.

  • susan

    i have recently discovered a raven hanging out at my house. he seems to have found a perch on the side of the house. my concern is that i have a cocker spaniel
    dog who plays in the yard during the day. would this bird be after him or is he harmless. I have found several dead pigions in my drive way. any suggestions on how to get him to leave

  • Stephanie

    Today up on Snoqualmie Pass in Western Wash.
    I came into the house and heard a racket in the upper bedroom, I was too frightened to go into the room, so Archie my dog and myself went to the outside of the house to investigate. What I witnessed was a beautiful large black Raven trying to break into the house. He was not frightened or intimidated by our presence, he looked at us, it seemed as though he was checking us out, then decided to leave. I am sure he will be back. What he had done was tear off any weather strpping he could get at . Very impressive bird.

  • Jan Marney

    I just purchased a copy from PBS. Waiting for it to appear online is the accepted thing these days. However, without PBS we wouldn’t get anything decent on the t.v. So, my money helped supports them to make more. Thanks for a fine video.

  • Grace

    I went through a period of depression just afterChristmas and I really didn’t want to go out of the house or to see or speak to anyone. I just wanted to be on my own to go through what I was going through. I suppose it was a period of processing in many ways. My sleep pattern was erratic so I would sometimes be awake all through the night. One morning at 4am I was having a cup of tea when I heard a really strange birdcall. Strange in that it seemed to be directed straight at me, as if the bird was actually talking to me, not just calling out. It went on and on for a few minutes and became very insistent, in the same way that a dog barks when it wants to communicate something to us. I often listen to the dawn chorus, it’s my favourite part of the day, but I’d never heard anything like this before. So I went to the window to see what it was. On the wall surrounding my house sat the biggest Raven I’ve ever seen in my life, and it was sitting facing my living room and squawking at me. I asked it what it wanted and it became quiet, looked down into the garden, squawked again and then flew away. It had obviously got my attention so off it went. Over the months, my depression gradually left me and one morning I drew my curtains and there in the exact spot by the wall where the Raven had sat, was a 5ft SUNFLOWER and I swear I never noticed it all the time it was growing. To me that said that the sunshine would come back into my life again, and the Raven was trying to tell me that.

  • AnnaLandanna

    LOL! Scandinavia? I thought it looked like here at home in northern Minnesota. Oh those smart Ravens often keep us company when we icefish, along with the Eagles, hoping for a handout, or to steal something. I love the Ravens, and I’m happy to share my catch with them.

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