Revealing the Leopard

Leopards are the ultimate cats. They are the most feline, the most intelligent, the most dangerous and, until recently, one of the least understood. They hunt from South Africa to Siberia, from Arabia to Sri Lanka, and are the most widespread predator of their size on land. A leopard is a cat that walks by itself, unseen and secretive. Leopards are the beautiful killers that live in the shadows. This film will accumulate the evidence and put together a psychological profile of this extraordinarily cunning cat.

  • shera franklin

    I find it easier to watch an episode of South Park than your Nature program. I hit the episode key and then am served an excerpt of the program and NOT the full episode. I don’t know if this is a marketing scheme but it is sad that your site is not user friendly.

  • Mike

    Interesting! I hope that everyone’s Sunday went great and I hope that they have a great week!

  • jim

    It’s an INTRODUCTION for heaven’s sake; a trailer. Not the full episode, before it’s even broadcast? No wonder you prefer watching South Park. Can you even READ?

  • Liz

    Really Shera? Have you tried meds. Seriously. An introduction is just that- it is NOT intended to be a full episode.
    Enjoy your time with South Park.

  • danielle

    HOW CUTE!!

  • omid

    just love these cats :)

  • Jessica

    Hi i would love to see a story of just Male cheetahs hunting like eye of the leopard. thanks.

  • Ray

    I can’t wait to watch this tomorrow night.

  • smart alec

    dang public tv! always tricking me with fancy marketing for free things. thats it!- no more free educational stuff for me. After 30 years I was even thinking about pledging for once!

  • Phoebe

    Oh my gosh, they’re so adorable! I can’t wait to see this program tonight! I’m sure it will be amazing… I can’t wait to see all the kits! But do you know what I don’t like? I don’t like it when PBS shows gruesome images of animals hunting or eating. But hey… that’s their NATURE!!! :)

  • AK

    I’m so excited for this!! Leopards are such interesting creatures and this looks so well done! They are so beautiful and dangerous, extraordinarily cunning cats cats indeed. Lions and tigers and Leopards, oh my.

  • Robin

    Great show- but terrible ending that leaves too much unanswered…WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MOTHER LEOPARD? The last scenes show her ill …and then there is no followup…what became of her son?

    I can’t beleive they hurried through the ending- leaving us all wondering what happened to her? Is she ok?

  • mike

    I loved the show just awsome, what a stunning animal

  • Roger White

    The part of the program I watched was very interesting. Just the last 30 minutes or so. Cats are among my favorite part of Nature and the Revealing the Leopard was great. I hope they show it again or that I can get a’
    copy. I too would like to know what happened to the mother leopard, but i think she had some more little leopards correctly.

  • samuel smith

    PBS has the best programs of all the networks.I pray that we will generously support public television so that we
    can continue to view excellent and informative programming.

  • Jay

    The only equivalent to the quality of PBS’ Nature out there IMO is stuff on BBC. For every decent nature program that one American network that used to be good puts out these days (usually courtesy of BBC), we get 10 other white noise garbage shows to sift through, like guys sitting in plastic boxes egging lions on or “TOP 10 ANIMALS THAT WOULD BEAT YOU UP FOR YOUR LUNCH MONEY” …and that’s just their nature shows.

    The reason PBS Nature stays good is us, so don’t forget that.

  • DrewBoston

    I agree with shera franklin. The entire PBS site is like this. You try to watch and its 5 minutes. BTW “Mike” before you start calling others moron, the site says “Watch the Show”, not watch the “trailer” or “preview”. Where are the shows? Certainly not at “Episodes” link. Hey PBS – Less graphics and fluff – more links and shows please.

  • sophia

    i just want to be able to watch your cool programs! i cant even find all of the programs on the website. please start to change your website and maybe i will even donate!

  • TigerLily

    Awesome! I love the Inception music they put in there. haha. I want to see this show! :)

  • samowar

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before. So nice to find anyone with some unique thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this website is one thing that is needed on the web, someone with a bit originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  • DavidS

    I’m sure PBS will have the full episode added to this page soon, just like they do with all other episodes. Once they do you will find the link to the full episode on the top of the page in the right column. Sometimes you have to wait, just because instant gratification is expected doesn’t mean it will happen.

  • butch

    this is real life live it experence it drink it in

  • Kristina Trowbridge

    We didn’t get to see this program on our PBS station tonight. Instead they are showing highlights from Ed Sullivan shows while they beg for money! How can they do that? I’m so SAD!!!!!!

  • Gredadict Benthortonmajj

    very nice camerawork.

  • Doo

    we highly recommend this excellent feature!

  • butch

    it’s amazing how adaptable these cats can’s to bad other animals can’t do the same, but sadly need to much space and we are not willing to give it!

  • Raphi Bigcatsforever

    Was really looking forward to watching it..

    But why is it unavailable?
    Long live the big cats!

  • Zack Z.

    I loved it… Leopards rock. It’s unfortunate that one of the twins died. Also it sucks how there is only fifty siberian leopards left. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as i did. :)

  • baidu678

    Check with apple, you should not have any problems as I have many readers who use the ipod.

  • jimmy

    keep doing these programmes there awesome please dont stop we need to see how important such beautiful predators and we need to stop estinction.

  • Catherine H

    I watched this episode–which I found fascinating–early this morning on tv.( It wasn’t on the schedule–but comcast is like that ALL the time) Any way, leopards are an amazing wild cat–and this program episode did a great job showcasing them while educating humans

  • leopardchickie

    I’ve been watching all the programs out there about big cats for many years but I STILL can’t get used to seeing them kill & eat their prey…I know that they need to eat but I always feel soooo sorry for the “victims” :( Actually, I think it bothers me more when I watch them (like the lionesses) licking their kill with bloody mouths….don’t know why they do that… My wish is that all of the wild cats out there can live out their lives without humans hunting them for sport, etc.

  • joe garza

    For shera franklin:
    Check YouTube “Revealing The Leopard”.
    All the PBS segments can be found there. No worries.

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