Video: Rhino Charge!

Filmmaker Nigel Marven has to make a quick escape after a mother rhino with a calf begins to charge.

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  • Katie

    Poor Nigel. First chased by dinosaurs, now by rhinos!

  • John U.

    That Asian rhinoceros was really coming after him… what a magnificent animal! Last year I saw black rhinoceroses in Namibia’s Etosha National Park and numerous white rhinoceroses in various South Africa game parks. The best place to see white rhinoceroses (about 1,800 there in all) is in South Africa’s Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Game Park. I was never disappointed with the rinoceros sightings there and I went to the park on four different days. May this magnificent animal be with us for many centuries to come!

  • Andrea Cowart

    What a wonderful opportunity & job Nigel has to be able to see such magnificent animals. Can’t wait to see the episode!

  • lisa straw

    the human race is the only way that this magnificent animal will be here for time eternal,lets hope that we all care enough to make it happen

  • Brody

    John U. I’ve been to South Africa and saw the rhinos too.I went to pilanesburg national park,ITS AWESOME

  • Hailey

    these are acient incredible hulks.


    /I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s episode on rhinos. The charging was powerful. The rangers are very good at their work and earn their pay, that’s for sure!

  • Levi Hicks

    The Charging mother Rino was a “Real Eye Opeaner”, Just a small reminder for us to respect boundries

  • Duke

    After you have that kind of an encounter with wildlife comes the realization, “Wow…I’m really just a slow-moving, hairless ape!” ;)

  • Kevin Herron Sr. says

    Hey Nigel the mom not having getting close and messin with quality time with the baby.

    Stay safe and have, I quite enjoy your Work.

    Thank YOU!

  • HAAS

    I am a Nigel’s big fan…

    This clip is wery nice. But in the really: This is so dangerously work. But wery thank you for this clip, enthused me…

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