Salmon: Running the Gauntlet

Greenberg, Paul. Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food. New York: The Penguin Press, 2010.
A critique of current farming practices and what can be done to ensure a future of sustainable seafood.

Think Salmon
An initiative of the Fraser Salmon & Watersheds Program, which is jointly managed by Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) and Fraser Basin Council (FBC), two non-profits dedicated to ensuring sustainable Pacific salmon stocks. The site provides information on the fish, current projects to help Pacific salmon populations, and resources.

Pacific Salmon Foundation
PSF continues to raise funds and direct funding to grassroots, volunteer and community-driven projects focused on the conservation and recovery of Pacific salmon. PSF supports research and science, then integrates this knowledge into program plans at the community and watershed level.

  • Armando G Vasallo

    Hi,i saw the hole video of SalmonRunning the Gauntlet and i never so that a project so big could be done,you guys are doing a great job.We are planing a trip with the girls in this summer ,my grands one is 5 and the older is 9 ,we want to see salmon up close .We are from Miami Florida.We saw on the video a gentelman name Tim Histand,he was fishing some kind of fish that eat the juvenile salmon.Whats the name of that place? kids want to help the litte salmon…Hope some one read this before vacation are over.

    thanks in advance


  • Bonnie Moore

    The fish that was eating the young salmon is called a Pikeminnow. The location was the base of the Grand Cooley Dam in Washington State.

  • rick bastasch

    Mr. Vasallo might check out this website which describes the pikeminnow (that’s the name of the fish) reward program and has fishing tips for beginners.

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