Secret Garden
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Producer: Ronnie Godeanu
Art Director: Sabina Daley
Graphic Art: Lenny Drozner
Writer: David Malakoff
Technical Director: Brian Patrick Lee
Scientific Consultant: Gianna Savoie

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A Co-Production of Thirteen/WNET New York and BBC-TV

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  • Suzanne

    Please can you add Secret Garden to your online videos? It is not available on DVD, and I have been looking for this for years. It made a huge impression on me when it aired years ago.

  • Kristina

    Seriously, I would LOVE to have this available online to show my kids. I believe I watched it when I was about 12, and now I would love for my children to see it. It was so FUN and informative! Thanks!

  • Kristine Mitchell

    Help! I love this video. I saw this several years ago and showed it to my middle school students. I would really like to buy a copy of it. I have been searching everywhere. Is there any way it can be made available on iTunes for purchase?

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