Shark Mountain
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Some 300 miles off Costa Rica is Cocos Island, a tiny Pacific outpost that was once a favorite haunt of pirates. Cocos, a designated World Heritage Site, lies directly in the path of powerful ocean currents that often collide with the island, churning the waters into an undersea storm. Welcome to Shark Mountain. Buy the DVD. This film premiered on November 14, 2004.

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  • amit

    i want to see a beautiful sunset picture

  • rachel

    great images! I was glued to the screen.

  • Mike M

    Unable to watch video after downloading Flash Player.
    What’s the problem?

  • George

    Wow. This video is easily one of my favorite nature clips of undersea life. The beauty of the surrounding area, all of its color, is something to cherish.

  • abigail

    I love the starfish!!!

  • annette

    This video was out of this world.I love it and so did me childern.

  • EA

    well done to the film team beautiful and inspiring movie , beautiful underwater scenes and creatures. Shame on you Taiwanese Gangsters, hope the sharks will eat you alive soon.

  • SY

    I was fascinated by this film. And as some of the previous posters said, glued to the TV set; even though in my case it was the laptop screen. I was overjoyed to see the amazing creatures living in Cocos, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest as the team were about to do their night dives.

    But the glue came off at the very end when Howard chose to paint the Taiwanese fishing fleets as the villains. I do not stand to defend over-fishing. If that’s what they are doing, shame on them, but do we know that for sure?

    From what I see, at least they are employing locals and giving the local people a chance to make a living from what nature has given them. I will trade some fishing fleets in the area with turning this enchanting place into a resort town any day. Which I have no doubt would happen if people cannot make some money off fishing.

    And I am truly sorry to say this, especially to the filmmakers, but some of us just aren’t lucky enough to afford 40 cases of hi-end filming equipment and make a living off that. Some people actually need to make a meal off mother nature.

    In any case, it is overly simplistic to think the major depletion of global fish stock is caused by any single country. If one paid any attention watching this film, one would know that 90% of the global fish stock is already gone. Yes, that’s 90% of the entire planet, not any single place or region. People like “EA” (the 7th poster) would be surprised to know that this destruction only took us human beings less than 100 years.

    And what is the deal of calling them gangsters? Because they are less charmingly dressed?

    People like “EA” would also be surprised to know that European long range fleets annually haul out tens of thousands of tons of fish off the coast of Africa. To give an example, some of these vessels can catch and process 7,000 tonnes of catch in a single voyage. One ship 7,000 tonnes of fish, you do the math. These practices are truly destructive and have pretty much killed off the local fishing industry; taking the livelihoods right out of the hands of locals.

    Here comes the real kicker. These fleets can only make the long trips economically feasible because of heavy government subsidies, which means Westerners like you and I are not entirely innocent.

    I do not doubt the filmmakers’ love for marine life, and what must be most painful for them to see the once abundant life dimming. But I hold what’s aired on PBS to a much higher standard than to do some (in my own humble opinion) haphazard finger-pointing out of the strange needs to “find a bad guy” in this very very complicated global problem.

    If one is interested in watching more films on this subject, I would recommend another feature that was aired on PBS, called “Strange Days on Planet Earth.”

    I know I have said some mean things, but I still really enjoyed Shark Mountain. Thank you to the filmmakers for giving us the privilege of seeing through their eyes, the wonder of our planet.

  • nasro


  • Bradford B.

    SY, in their comment above, seems to apologize for human apathy by stating that “it is overly simplistic to think the major depletion of global fish stock is caused by any single country”. However, I think the film is indeed accurate and SY is missing the point. Having personally spent a good deal of time in Taiwan, and being married to a Taiwanese ex-patriot, I know for a fact that the Taiwanese choose to celebrate their weddings by throwing banquets in which large amounts of shark fin soup are consumed. When I’ve confronted Taiwanese people about this issue, I have always been told that it is just a tradition and nothing can be done about it. Well, some traditions obviously need to change. It is true that the Taiwanese do not hold a monopoly on traditions that are out of sync with the balance of nature, but that does not make their continued disregard for the consequence of their actions any less reprehensible, just as an affluent American gorging themselves with beef and unnecessary energy consumption should not be tolerated as the simple perpetuation of the status quo. Simply defending the problem with the argument that people need to make a living assumes that humans are so unresourceful that they are incapable of adaptation when circumstances require it. If this is true, then we are certainly doomed to cause our own invevitable self-inflicted extinction.

  • alfitoury ali

    thing of the great creator /// god /// jala jaluhu

  • kevin

    Wow, astonishingly beautiful. Definitely on my “to do” dive list.

  • DnA

    This video was remarkable! I’ve seen many videos about fish, but never seen anything like this one before! The photographers got so close up shots that I thought I was actually diving with them.

  • De’Nesha

    the starfish was the fave!!! but it all was a beatiful sight to see.

  • christopher

    it was beautiful.

  • Co

    it was not beautiful it was awesome

  • Benjamin

    That was good.

  • bill

    You mean to tell me that u can hunt sharks??? This is awesome!!!! I will be planning a trip today!!

  • Alessandro

    Questo paradiso sottomarino me lo godrò il 9 aprile del 2010.
    A presto COCO ISLAND !!!!!!

  • fred

    Fantastic vedio i hope the sharks can survive the greedy fishermen if not we all may be in trouble because the shark may be deep in the sea but his work is tied to all of us.

  • james

    the law is “EAT OR BE EATEN” that goes for the human race also!!!long live the commercial fisherman!! FISH ON

  • james

    i love this video soooooooooooo much
    its the best ive ever seen

  • Ariana

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j


  • ike


  • amir

    very beautiful

  • Owen

    I sincerely give great thanks to the Almighty God , the creator of the heavens and this earth and the sea.
    It was amazing seeing all these wonderful creatures that He alone created the sea on the 5th day of creation (Gen 1:21-22). To God be the Glory and Honor for all these creatures including you and I that He created separately on the 6th day of creation (Gen 1:24-27).God in His divine mercy has protected you and your crews in order to allow you to see a little dot of His creation and the amazing sea creatures. He has also used and protected you and your crews to reveal these creatures to the world. I prayed to God silently for you and your crews for His protection while you were in the midst of those sharks. My friends the earth including the sea was created in the year 11013BC. The earth is 13021 years old. I am batfowled for the very incorrect statements in your commentary, when you kept saying that the riffs or the sea has be around for millions of years. Once again, God created this earth and the sea in the year 11013BC. The earth is exactly 13021 years old and not the millions of years as you claimed. Please carefully read the Bible (Gen chapter 5, 11 and 1King 6:1) where you can find the accurate information of age of the earth. Again for your information, also from the Bible the end of this world is going to be October 21, 2011 and judgment day begins May 21, 2011 with a period of five months of hell on this earth till October 21, 2011 when everything on this earth will be burnt up. As of October 21, 2011 the earth will be 13023 years old. Please note: The Almighty God, our creator did not create our original parents – ( Adam and Eve ) has little babes like you and I but as matured adults. My friends Don’t you think that the Almighty God our creator in His immersed and infinite divine power and wisdom, who created all those amazing creations and sea creatures for His glory is able to create a new earth that looks old in its nature at the moment of creation in 11013 BC ? But remember the first day of creation according to (Gen 1:1-3)” In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”.
    My friends all thanks, glory and honor goes to the Almighty God our creator for giving you and your crews the opportunities to show the world in your films some tiny specs of His awesomeness and His awesome creations and creatures. Please carefully read the original Kings James version of the Bible, were God reveals to us – Mankind a little of God’s characters. He is to be honored, glorified reverenced, obeyed and to be feared with a sincere and humble heart.
    As you know, you are bound to feel any of the above every time you dive into the bottom of the sea
    and swim with the sharks and other sea creatures with your filming equipment. If you need any help about the date of creation, judgment day and end of this world in 2011 check out . But check everything out with the Bible for it has all the information and beg God to open your spiritual eyes, and ears , with His divine understanding of what you are about to read because the Bible is the word of God and the word of God is spirit. Also beg for His mercy to save you from His judgment and aweful punishment to come in 2011. Finally if God ever gives you this opportunity again to do another sea creature filming , Please be sure to give all thanks, praises and glory to the Almighty God for giving you and your crews the opportunities and at the same time protecting and watching over you and your crews for doing such a great job in filming those sea creatures . Owen

  • Ross

    I ♥ OCEAN

  • yonis

    This is the stupiest video i ever seen gush get a life yaw people how much do yaw get pay, 1 dollar an hour or what


    The video is very good.It is unfortunate that the governess of Costa Rica has no more security in protected ares to avoid their exploitation. It is time that the world value the marine environment

  • TurboBrain

    What a beautiful documentary! I love films where sharks are shown as the beautiful creatures they are and not “killers” as so many are portrayed. I detest that sensationalism. It’s appalling how shark fishing is exploited and so poorly regulated and enforced. It’s disgraceful to treat any creature that way. I no longer eat top of the food chain fish, period…If we loose them, well, our future as humans will be even dimmer… Thanks for your beautiful filming.

  • T Peterman

    A Truly magnificent film, the photography is exceptional, i have admired Dave Halls photography for years.

  • cam

    very , very beautiful and fantastice.

  • cancerinchicago

    so what happens when there’s nothing left in the sea or land? do we then eat ourselves? who do we start with first…or is it just as simple as eat or be eaten? over consumption is what will kill off the human race!!!!!!!!

  • carissa and ted

    it keeps stopping at about 1 minute its really annoying

  • anonymous

    “you better be friends with your crew…. besides your life depends on them” lol so awesome show it was one of the best I’ve seen. I remember when I once swam with sharks it was an amazing experience! Anyways keep up the good work sharks can be magnificent but they are defenitely not cuddly! lol

  • anouymous

    can’t see

  • Claire

    This is one of my favorite programs, which is strange because I’m usually not that interested in aquatic life aside from whales and seals. I think I like it so much because of the excellent filming, that kid-safe presentation and narration, and also the thrill of learning things I never knew before. Thank you soooooooo much for making such great shows. :)

  • Catherine

    I love to watch shows about sharks. I think that even though they can be fearsome at times, they are also beautiful to behold. I believe that the filmers should get with Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization and see what can be done about the sharking that’s going on. I also think that the filmers should do a film to show the differences of when they filmed that and what it’s like today.

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