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Ecologist Chris Morgan travels to far eastern Russia, in search of the Siberian tigers that hold rank in the frozen forests. The film features the work of Korean cameraman Sooyong Park, the first individual ever to film Siberian tigers in the wild. Park spent years in the forest tracking and filming the world’s biggest cat. Park’s tracking technique was unconventional, but produced more than a thousand hours of wild tiger footage and captured the saga of a Siberian tiger dynasty. Morgan spends time with Park, learning firsthand just how hard it was for him to achieve his remarkable accomplishment.Buy the DVD. This film premiered October 10, 2012. (Video limited to US & Territories).

Siberian Tiger Quest won Best Human/Wildlife Interaction, Best Presenter/Host, and tied for Best Cinematography at the 2013 International Wildlife Film Festival!

  • michael

    Hey Just watching, amazing footage that Park, got, the number of years of sitting & waiting and waiting, thank you so much.

  • Stan Myles

    I really liked the program, but I have to say I do not believe Chris Morgan’s statement that Tigers
    are munching on Bears. Siberia, the only place known where Brown Bears and Tigers do cross paths,
    it has been documented by evidence at the scene that after a Tiger had made a kill, a Brown Bear had
    approached and fought with the Tiger for the kill. The Tiger was killed by the Bear and partially eaten.
    The only video evidence I have ever seen of an encounter is between a Tiger and a small Asian Bear that fed
    on ants somewhere in India I believe, they both wanted nothing to do with each other. The Tiger backtracked
    and avoided the small Bear whose species are known to have a notorious temper.
    It’s common sense and what nature has shown and supported, that a predator will take the easiest or weakest
    prey available and not jeopardize it’s survival with unnecessary injuries.
    A Brown Bear has 5 inch claws and a huge hump of pure muscle in it’s back and front legs that have been known to break the back of moose and elk.
    I know it’s a program about Tigers and it’s great to show what a magnificent creature they are, but I think
    Chris Morgan need’s to be cautious about statements that are not realistic. Thank you for a great program.

  • Laura Jarrett

    I am so impressed with the work that Morgan and Park have done to enlighten others. I am especially grateful for the incredible sacrifices Park made. I don’t know if anyone else has gone to or will go to such extreme measures to observe the Siberian Tiger in the wild and capture such rare footage. It is truly a gift to see the tigers playing in the frozen stream and overlooking the ocean. Thank you Park! Thank you for this program! It is priceless.

  • asdgb

    i love tigers there amazing i love there coat. there mazing animols

  • Saloon Singer

    I have read that tigers kill bears by breaking their necks while grabbing the bear. Tigers have an excellent mind-body connection such that they can sense through their teeth exactly where to inflict the wound in order to disable the bear.

  • Chris Morgan

    Hi Stan – I totally agree about us being careful about factually accurate information – glad to hear you insist upon that. The fact about tigers eating bears is true though. In fact, in one study over there, one male tiger ate more brown bears than anything else! They also prey on Himalayan black bears when the opportunities are right. Best wishes, and thanks for tuning in. Chris Morgan.

  • Tim

    @Stan Myles — perhaps you should dedicate your life to following around various predators before offering your judgement. Just sayin ….

  • PBS Watcher

    Come on, don’t sell out to Goldman Sachs. I know the Republicans want to cut your funding, but taking money from Goldman Sachs and contributing to their greed with advertisements may be even worse.

  • tiger_awesome

    Absolutely amazing! Fantastic work by Park- thank you so much for this precious footage!!!

  • Stephanie

    I am very grateful to Chris Morgan and especially Sooyong Park for the wonderful program, “Siberian Tiger Quest.” Tigers are such magnificent, fascinating, and beautiful creatures! What a privilege it is for me to see them in their natural setting being authentic tigers.

  • Theresa

    Loved the show. Thank you Chris for keeping us aware of the continued loss of such a beautiful majestic animal.

  • Jenny

    What an amazingly beautiful way to being a Sunday. This touched me in ways I cannot yet articulate. The dedication I saw in the eyes of both men is something you rarely see. Wow. And thank you.

  • Julie

    Excellent! Really great work.

    Chris Morgan looks like Brit actor Julian Barratt ( – the resemblance is enough to have stopped my channel surfing.

  • KimberK

    Just watched Siberian Tiger Quest. Beautiful, insightful, inspiring and soo important! Thank you, thank you for all you do Sooyang Park and Chris Morgan!! I hope and pray more can be done for our amazing wild life, nature and earth. Your passion, heart, soul and life time are appreciated more than you know by so many and the future many.

  • E Rau

    The Nature series films are spectacular. PBS is a class act and should never be threatened with budget cuts or negative invasion from politicians, The amount of funding provided is inconsequential in comparison to the total of federal monies spent. The educational value is priceless. PBS should be left alone and if nothing else be provided with additional funding.

  • Amy C

    Amazing program! Thank you so much for this one! Beautiful, touching, both nature and humanity!

  • cathy reilly

    utterly beautiful and incredible-thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Tom

    I am very impressed with the patience of Mr Park and Mr Morgan both. Many of us take for granted how nature films are obtained but only see the incredible footage. Thank you for such brave and meticulous filming.

  • Mark

    Chris Morgan: loved the film and your passion for wild predators. Park’s story is also awe inspiring.

  • Leesa

    What a remarkable program. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Just incredible.

  • MDinMA

    Thank you for this awesome program and especially for all the personal sacrifices that Mr. Park made so that we average folk and see one of nature’s most spectacular creatures. The scene of the tiger overlooking the Pacific was majestic beyond words.

  • http://com karen

    Thank you Mr Park and Mr Morgan for sharing your experiences and beautiful footage of these truly majestic animals! It is a very emotional documentary.

  • Patrick Pineault

    Mr. Morgan,

    Thank you so much for the episode. I rever the work of so many in the sciences and was moved and humbled by Sooyong Park’s dedication and extraordinary perseverance in documenting this endangered treasure…(and that next to last scene where you’re surverying the footage, not expecting to find anything then the stunned expression on your face?…made me teary-eyed fer shore) :-)

    St. Catharines, ON

  • gretel

    This was AMAZING. I’m not going to lie… I cried a lot during this!!! Definitely one of the most epic things I have ever seen! Both park and Morgan were so emotionally attached to the tigers, and the forest… It was inspirational.

  • Laura

    This was a wonderful show about patience and the quiet, unselfish nature of observation. My 3-year-old daughter, who wants to study pythons and rattlesnakes, was very interested in both the tigers and the observers. Thank you.

  • Arlene Kapner

    This was the most extraordinary piece of wildlife filming I have ever seen and I would like to purchase the video.
    Please let me know how I can do this and how much it will cost.

  • Nairobi and Barakas

    That english dude is the real life version of Howard Moon

  • Anne

    This was a beautiful way to begin my day. An amazing story about patience and respect for nature, with stunning imagery of tigers in their natural habitat. Thank you!

  • Tom Reichner

    This was shown on the home screen as “Featured, full episode”.

    Yet when I clicked on “PLAY”, I got a message that said, “the requested video is not available. we apologize for the inconvenience”.

    I have tried to watch 3 videos tonight, and all three were “not available”. Is this normal here on the PBS Nature website? I mean, the reason I came here was to watch a video, so videos should be available, right?

  • fultonk

    Hi Arlene,
    You can purchase the Siberian Tiger Quest DVD by going to Shop PBS. Thanks!


  • Nature Fan

    I love the Nature series, but this past season it seems to be more about people than nature or animals. Chris Morgan is in every shot. All the episodes with Chris Morgan in the scenes or even narrating are the worst. He creates unnecessary and sometime unbelievable drama with his narrations which really detracts from the enjoyment of watching the animals. Instead of feeling like you’re learning something you feel like you’re watching a cut rate soap opera where the animals are just unknowing pawns in the camera.

  • Samina64

    Just watched the episode and it truly brought me to tears several times. Park’s connection to nature is astonishing and inspirational. Thank you, Mr. Park, for your determination and love that brought the journey of the Siberian tiger to the rest of us. I could not get over the quality of the photography itself; the imagery seemed to have such an immediacy and captured with such detail the beauty of nature.

  • Linda

    Fascinating and very moving film. Park’s dedication is a gift to all of us; thanks to Morgan for bringing the story to this program. If every person who watches the film could do something, such as making a contribution to tiger conservancy, maybe there would be a chance for our grandkids to see a film about tigers.

  • Craig Downer

    Looks like a wonderful film. I look forward to seeing in on full screen. Congratulations on your perseverance and dedication. I know of a sanctuary that has 4 Siberian Tigers, 2 male and 2 female, and the owner of these wants to know if there is a possibility of having offspring reintroduced into the wild to help restore the species. Please let me know on this possibility. I am a wildlife ecologist myself. Happy and Progressive 2013! Craig

  • Raghavendra Gowda

    Take a bow Mr. park and Mr. Morgan……………….

  • gerardo zavala

    beautiful job.thanks Mr.park and chris…

  • Jonathan Liebson

    Another brilliant episode of Nature. Astounding the perseverence, and the ability to wait out life, in such inhospitable places.

  • badgerdontcare

    What about the poachers? Does anyone care these tigers will be extinct soon?

  • Beth

    Mr. Park left his wife and children to sit alone in the woods in zero degree temps to film a tiger? I don’t doubt his dedication to nature and his love for tigers, but he left behind his children for this….does this bother anyone? This disregard for his own family is disturbing and obsessive, and Mr. Morgan celebrates it. Would we have been just as amazed had this been a woman who left her own children? Or suppose we were shown footage of Mr. Park’s children waking up day after day without their father….would we have been as proud of his choice to sit in the woods waiting for a tiger to pass by? Everybody seems to praise his sacrifice…the real sacrifice was that of his wife and children. So sad.

  • annecordelia

    I enjoyed the show for the most part, but Chris Morgan got on my nerves.

  • Greg Douglass

    Couldn’t disagree with “Nature Fan” more, although I understand the sentiment, albeit misguided. These are exactly the kind of natural history programs that are going to endear the animals to the general public. The drama and adventure help to engender a love for wild creatures and habitats that otherwise would remain uninteresting to most.
    Well done, to Chris Morgan and Sooyong Park for fighting the good fight and making a difference! PLEASE, PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!

    Greg Douglass

  • Ramon Calhoun

    Thank you for filming this! I’m blessed for the work that Park did. Incredible!!!!

  • toni lee

    beautiful dedication and powerful love…..from these men and their assistants. too bad someone had to belly-ache in the above comments……rather, we should be respecting their energy and skill…..and trying to come up with ideas on how to “re-direct” the poachers. the tigers have a rough enough challenge to survive in that frozen land without having to deal w/ friggin’ poachers……

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