Video: Behind-the-Scenes Challenges

Rick Rosenthal discusses the challenges he faced during the two-year process of making “Superfish.”

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  • MF

    I saw this program when it was first aired in May and thought it was the best video of billfish I have ever seen. Please advise when it is available on DVD.

  • glklevens

    After 20 some years diving and working in Hawaiian waters I spent 3 minutes with a billfish. The most fascinating 3 minutes I have ever had. I have seen the huge changes in the oceans here in Hawaii regarding the fish counts and can sympathize greatly with Rick regarding what happens as a result of overfishing and fishing just for trophy. These big fish need to stay in our waters if we are to see future generations. Thanks for your wonderful story.

  • Diann

    I am doing this for a friend. He has a question about part of your footage. The part where you went in the water with the red devil squid. you filmed something else and it wasn’t a squid or fish. It looked like a large animal with a large head, long body, and four paddle like fins. The animal is just left to the squid but much farther down. This sounds strange but it apears to be about the size of a whale.

  • Greg T

    Will never eat swordfish again. Where was the film shot showing the carnage of Billfish, cutting shark fins taken? Something Homboldt is all I could gather. Please let me know

  • P. McNamee

    Unbelievably beautiful footage & documentary!!
    Would be a terrible tragedy to lose this specie

  • Bonnie

    What fabulous footage of the Billfish! I have never been a fan of eating fish, and this film confirms what I have always thought-we need to start preserving what is left in the Earth’s oceans.

  • Daniel

    Is the super fish episode available in full length. This is fantastic work!

  • Bill Bishop

    Absolutely fantastic footage Rick, you’ve achieved something far greater than even a quarterback on a winning Panthers football team could dream of. I’m really pleased with what you have done since high school. Take care and stay healthy.

  • Gil

    Just saw this on PBS — I nearly cried. Incredible footage, incredible show, I can’t wait to get back into the water (just finished PADI Rescue Diver).


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