Supersize Crocs
Video: Ambush Power

The Nile crocodile is known for its incredible ambush power. This amazing footage shows the crocodile nabbing its prey from the banks of the Grumeti River.

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  • Sean

    Absolutely awesome!!! We were also just at the Bronx zoo (Madagascar)…..

  • katherine scott

    please do you have more information on super crocs?
    i am a grandmother /home school teacher and we are studing these large crocs.
    send me any kind of help please information

  • Gianmario

    wow , that crocodile is truly frightening , a mature wildebeest weigh 600 pounds, and it’s only a bit larger then the croc’s head

  • imani

    Hi’ my name is Imani and I am a third grader at Ramsey school and I love nile crocodiles

  • Mitch,Tyler,Karon

    I Love the video. please help us with our project. we need info on crocs., Gracias

  • Willow

    This video is awesome!

  • houa

    I love the video. Where can I buy it from?

  • NATURE Online

    Houa – You can purchase DVDs of NATURE programs by following the Shop link at the top of the site.

  • patrick McM

    Triple WOW holy smokes even,glad I don’t have to swim that river!

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