The Beauty of Ugly
Video: A Twenty-two Tentacled Nose

At only 4 to 5 inches long, the star-nosed mole has one of the strangest noses in nature. Its 22 fleshy tentacles are super-sensitive to touch. The star-nosed mole hunts worms and insects, and its specialized nose allows it to capture and eat its prey 14 times faster than any other mole. 

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  • Star nosed mole for life

    PBS you guys are amazing and I love this animal
    PBS keep up the great work

  • Susanna

    Great PBS, thanks for allowing nature lovers from around the world to view and learn about all creatures. I love moles, and this isn’t ugly, it’s a great example of evolutionary marvel.

  • Antonio

    Amazing! congratulations and thank you very much for share this video

  • awaluddin

    its okkkkeyyyyy

  • alani

    its face looks horrible

  • cindy

    Great video! Pretty amazing animal! It was a lot smaller than I expected and, I have to admit, a lot less disgusting than I had imagined. It was almost cute.

  • crystal

    This is really cute! I’m amazed and impressed this small creature could be so efficient!


    Amazing footage, bravo

  • Bobon Deis

    Yes, really amazing footage, but I believe it’s from PBS! ;^)

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