The Beauty of Ugly
Video: Warthog Head Gear

The warthog’s ugly snout serves a variety of purposes. It’s rock hard, like a protective helmet, with horns that are useful in a fight. It’s also shaped like a shovel to help the warthog dig for food. Even the warthog’s famous “warts” (not really warts at all) have a function.

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  • connor

    my mom had warth hogs in her front yard digging out her flowers i vote for it

  • Ronald Townson

    I think vthe uglyrst thing I have ever seen would be the potato bug or jeruselium Beatle

  • Jack Elder

    Nature has no more noble or majestic sight than a boar warthog standing silouhetted with the sun shining thru its red mane, its chest thrust out and and chin proudly raised!

  • tommac

    who preforms that song that is advertised with the program? “you so pretty?” something like that.

  • dojoro

    I saw a shot of one beautiful eye … with long lashes and a trustful look … not all that ugly ….

  • James Matthews III

    i must agree, the warthog is an ugly being. But, I feel the all-time winner for the ugliest still must go to mankind.

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