The Cheetah Orphans
Interactive: Anatomy of a Cheetah

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  • Bob Saggat

    HAH Comment Virginity

  • Jennifer Jolley

    I found the Cheetah Orphans program very disturbing and wondered if it would be better not to try to reintroduce the orphans back into the wild, but to keep them in a safe habitat. Obviously they are not fully equipped to deal with the danger as one is killed by lions the other is severly injured by other male cheetahs.

  • Jules

    I loved this episode. I loved the attachment Simon had with the cheetahs which in turn made me appreciate these great cats.

  • ninabean

    i also found this very interesting as well but it did somewhat disturb me

  • Priss

    I really love animals they’re soooo beautiful!!! i really love the cat,it’s very swift.

  • Bob

    Is this even a game? BOOOriNG

  • fredd

    I luv games!!! but this isnt a game!!!!!!!!! :P

  • emily

    This is not a game, im in sciece class right now, and im in BORDOM thnx 2 this “game”!

  • biplab

    quite good……

  • Kim

    I love cheetahs so much.I did an all about cheetahs book.It had lots of cool facts and pictures.

  • deshapriya

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carley

    I have never seen anything so fast!I like to look at the way it runs!I love scince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    Cool i really like it.I even like that animall.

  • stingrayk

    This follows the page that said “Interactives & Games” so this being titled “Interactive: Anatomy of a Cheetah” is not a game. I found it relaxing and informative. Thanks.

  • mohammad

    i,m an iranian . i live in north of the iran in my state many cheetahs live, and they are endangered.

  • Liz

    Mohammed, I hear that Iran has developed a plan to help save the cheetah in your country. You should be proud and I am grateful that your legislators are actively involved in their preservation.

  • me

    man i bet i could run faster than the sloth

  • DEG


  • sandie

    cheetahs are beautiful animals. I was impressed that Mr. King is trying to let Toki have the life he deserves. All wild animals have the right to their best life possible. I commend Mr. King in his efforts, I will stay tuned. I want Toki to succeed!

  • rmatteson

    Cheetahs are some of the most amazing creatures I have had the gods will to work with. I am from South Africa and not greatly educated but I owned a cheetah named naliih. She was a joy to raise and it broke my heart to let her go.I think cheetahs are the only member of the big cat family that would not only do well, but thrive in a domestic setting. The only problem is their non-retractable claws. They will tear up your furniture ( nothing a good d-clawing can’t fix). They are big furry, fluffy, perfect friends. I have never been bitten and they have made my life infinitely better.
    I think these cats are a dog and a cat in one. Very affectionate, they purr( the only big caat that purrs), very loyal. they guard teritory well( for farmers), Light eaters, and very fast!!! They are the African version of a sheep dog. These are the wonderful animals I grew up with and I wish I had one now!!!!!!

  • why my name

    the cheetah is the most coolest animal travels fast and is very cool i always look for the cheetah exhibit in the zoo

  • sharlie

    I want to adopt the cats ,there so cute. And they are like awhip when they runn you know. There a wonder indeed.

  • emily

    I thought this was very interesting. I love to learn about animals. If you think it’s boring dont whine about it, you chose to do it. Go play other games.

  • person

    good show

  • Walter

    I have always enjoyed watching Nature, since 1976. I watched Orphaned Cheetahs but find myself feeling we (humans) are not god and should not think we can just remove and reintroduce animals at will. These are wild animals and as such must be treated that way. Observe from afar and just enjoy the experience. Let nature do what it does what it has for millions of years.

  • intan

    i like this game

  • Deanna

    Wonderful documentary that educates the audience about cheetah’s in their habitat! The show reveals the character of the cheetah and now I’m more appreciative of this amazing animal. It’s hard to watch the cheetah pray on calves or the gang of cheetah turning on their own species.

  • Jerry

    I would like to see a new documentary about Toki, prehaps when they find him a mate.

  • Ruby Ann

    I loved the show…..Watch it over and over…I love to take in wild animals and breaks my heart to turn them lose…Although I have kept several for pets and they are wonderful- the ones i have kept and are still around but I let them go on my property (80 acres) and they know where they get fed and they still hang around…I love them all…From racoons to skunks…I have a skunk now that I raised from an infant and have had him for 8 years and he has never been decented and he has never sprayed…. HE KNOWS WHERE HE IS LOVED AND FED… I think it would be kinda cool to have a pet cheetah….I would have NEVER put them back in the wild cause normally when they are hand fed and raised be human, alot of times they don’t know how to live in the wild….Only an opinion but I have been in tha situation soooo many time.. I just think that is 9 times out of 10 the best option to keep them close to home where they are safe…. After all, DESTINY put them in your hands so that was obviously the way it was meant to be….

  • rifky

    can tell more and send to my email,please ?

  • lester manis

    my son jacob manis says he hates cheetahs and that firefighters are awesome and that he loves brittany simmons and cant live without her and he wants his green honda civic painted like a zebra so all the cheetahs eat him up!!! Thanks Jerry

  • kevin lathe

    cheetahs are life zebras are better im white and wanna be blck and the zebras are white and black there my role models they run fast there skinny and love monkeys

  • Reza

    tanks for these programs
    please show a lof films about city of iranbecause iran is a very great country.

  • zahra

    thanks for programs


    The Cheetah is an amazing animal. Too bad that they are endangered. I loved cheetahs the very first time I saw one. I got to hold it as a baby at a Zoo. I was 7 years old. Its fun to watch cheetahs and learn how they function.
    -Gabbi and Caylie was hur: If you think they are boring, why did you even search them?
    -Ruby Ann: You are an amazing person, it takes a lot of heart to do something like that. I want you to know that everything you are doing for those animals is beyond extraordinary!
    -Fredd, Bob, Emily, Sam: Is that really all you care about is games?


    romans r so kwl they pwn cheetahs

  • kooleo 123

    i think this is fun and boring at the same time !! the cheetah is pretty intresting to learn about.
    :) 

  • timtam224

    Very informative, thankyou! I helped me loads!
    (hi Kooleo!) xD

  • koolbeans

    my freind sean is a mder fkuer hi is gab gab and his email is please send him a picture of anything you want

  • koolbeans

    not realy

  • me

    its stupid

  • me


  • me

    this is guay

  • Nenity

    wow my fav. animal cheetahs!!!

  • bob

    that is smart…….very smart

  • Brynn

    I’d say the peregrine is the fasted animal reaching up to 200 mi/hour. Cheetah is the fastest land animal at 80 mi/hour

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