The Cheetah Orphans
Toki Update: Fall 2007

He was orphaned after his mother was killed by a lion. He was left alone when his brother, Sambu, suffered the same fate. Then he was attacked by three territorial adult male cheetahs and left on the brink of death. Toki the cheetah has had his fair share of brushes with the cruelty of life.

When Simon King decided Toki should be moved to new pastures, Ol Pejeta Conservancy was the best option. After going through an “adjustment period” that involved living in a more contained portion of the conservancy, Toki now lives within the confines of the main reserve of Ol Pejeta today. He continues to live as a wild cheetah in a huge, but securely fenced area. And Simon continues to be his human guardian angel. “Toki is in top form!” says Simon. “I visited him a couple of weeks ago (September 2007) in Ol Pejeta and found him resting in the shade with a tummy full of zebra he had killed. He hunts wild prey entirely for himself, but still lives in a predator-proof enclosure of some 4,000 acres, a patch of ground he shares with a host of other creatures (some of which end up as dinner) but no other large predators.” The difficult start to his life evidently didn’t compromise Toki’s physical form. Toki is a powerful cheetah, his muscles strong and solid, back and shoulders flexible, and his gait full of grace. “He always seems very content when I see him, purring deeply when I approach,” says Simon, “but I still feel there is something missing.”

That something may be the opportunity to father cubs of his own. “He has never met a female cheetah to my knowledge, and will not unless we help to engineer it. This would not be a hugely significant change to Toki’s life: he would be with his mate for a number of hours only, and then have nothing more to do with her,” says Simon. Still, just by passing his own genes on successfully, Toki would be bolstering the shrinking cheetah population and advancing the effort of cheetah conservation in Kenya.

Toki walking in Ol Pejeta (with Simon, in background)

There are fewer than 13,000 cheetahs left in the wild, and even these few are threatened by conflict with livestock and habitat destruction. “There is a great deal still to be done for cheetah conservation in East Africa, and in Africa as a whole,” says Simon. “Though they are a protected species, they are still heavily persecuted by some communities — a perfectly understandable reaction when they start eating goats, sheep or calves. They are creatures of big, wild country and increasingly their world is shrinking as more and more areas become developed and populated.”

Simon’s hope is that Toki’s future role is to act as an ambassador for his species, helping to educate communities about alternatives to killing big cats, such as developing other eco-friendly industries. “There is the obvious advantage of cats attracting revenue in the form of eco tourism, but there is much that can be done to help defend herds of stock against attack with dogs and careful husbandry.”

As for Simon’s future, you can check out what the ambitious filmmaker is up to on his Web site, “Toki has been, and continues to be, an inspiration and a joy to have followed. He is very close to my heart. I sincerely hope that his future will be bright and that he may help to increase awareness of the plight of large predators in East Africa,” says Simon. “I shall continue to work towards Toki and all cheetahs having a fine quality of life, and hope that the films we have produced will encourage others to help conserve these magnificent creatures.”

For additional updates, please visit Simon King’s online diary.

  • C.M. Peltz

    It has been awhile since Nature aired Simon King’s documentory on Toki and I was wondering how is Toki doing today? I’m sure there are other watchers of Nature who would like to know as well.

  • Ändy Ou.

    Well, we definitely wanna know anything we can get about this “cat” – Benjamin (5 ys.) as well as Marie (2 ys.) :) We´re looking forward to getting more informations about Toki!

  • Michele Hansford

    I just finished watching the show on the cheetah orphans and I wish nothing but the best for Toki and Simon and I hope Simon has nothing but success in the conservation of these wonderful cats!!!! I also can’t wait for more updates on Toki.

  • Nada Hana

    I would love to know how Toki is doing today. Please keep all of us updated.
    Thank you

  • Darlene Porter

    Outstanding program with so much dedicated love and passion between Simon and Toki! I also would like to an update on Toki.

  • Carol Seraj

    I would like to know if Toki has any baby yet. Also I would like to know if there will be any documentary coming about Toki.

  • Yessoa

    Toki and Sambu are both males, Carol Seraj

  • ruth sisler

    Yes. I, too am utterly touched by Simon and Toki.. Simon conveys incredible qualities of care and gentleness and acceptance and, also, an apparent understanding of the male of the species, (as well as the female). But, since there is no “update” after at least a year, I, too, am beginning to feel the same
    dread that Simon felt (and may now not want to spare us possible pain–if something has happened to Toki). Or, perhaps, his fate is not known.

  • Frank B

    I’ve been curious on Toki’s progress for sometime now! I went to Simon King Diary Archive website and no update on Toki there as well? I just think it would be wonderful to have a update on Toki’s progress after watching this touching video. Thanks for the woderful orphan cheetah story/series.

  • Helene

    As many others, I’m very curious about the life of Toki at this point. The story of the two cheetahs is heartbreaking and wonderful. It would be nice to know if Toki is still doing al right.

  • Barbara

    Touching story of Toki & Simon…. but as others are wondering too, so am I ~ How is Toki today ??? Please update…

  • Eric Bernard

    Just watched this beautifull documentry today on Animal Planet here in the Netherlands. I’m so happy that we have this channel. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have seen this. Thanks to Simon and all the people making this, for sharing this beauty of nature with us.
    Love and Peace.

  • kadain black

    toki and simon are babyies plase some one help them give them a good home and food.

  • Aggie

    I just finished watching the video it is such a touching and wonderful video and i hope the best for Toki! like many others i would like to see a update on Toki I think working with cheetas is amazing! i work with animals also at the local Humane society but i only work with domesticated animals but i still love wild animals to. I think Simon you are awesome for taking on this wonderful responsibility i wish you the best of Luck!!!!!(and updates!!!)

  • Aggie

    (and i hope Toki finds a mate and they have cute ittle cubs!!!)

  • Chuck in Missouri

    THere was info in a thread on Simon’s site that Toki had been sick, but was OK now. No details other than that.
    I believe Simon is going to visit Toki in December.

  • Sully

    This show did such only excellence by making people that live so far away get connected to what is actually going on in Africa with these animals. It is to bad that there is not more going on with educational efforts in Africa to save these great animals. Alsoit was very empowering to see simone develop these powerful animals by keep them tame, friendly, and preparing them for life outside the cage. Good luck to your quest simone and I wish only the best for Toki and yourself.

  • judy w

    Thank god for people like Simon… and all of the wonderful people in Kenya who devote their lives to protecting rhinos, elephants, giraffes and all of the orphaned animals in various reserves.

  • alice cambron

    I would like to know more about the state of Toki the cheeta he is a beautiful animal and Simon is a wonderful person to have saved Toki.

  • Teri

    I very much enjoyed and appreciated the program about the orphan cheetahs as well as the efforts of all involved. And, I’m wanting a to know Toki’s current status. Thank you

  • Susan

    Thanks for the update. Just tonight viewed the show and after reading the “update”, I feel so much better know that finding a female is less in Taki’s best interests than in ours.

  • massimo baiardi

    this was really a great a moving story my wife and I were moved to tears man has much to learn from these magnificent animals let us all be aware of how precious and do whatever is possible to protect them

  • Kerrie Clarke

    This was a beautiful documentary. Simon and his crew are truly earth angels. Thank you for taking such beautiful care of Toki…and please continue to give us updates on his life….Simon’s love of Toki makes me cry.

  • Max

    It is very touching to witness the relationships that can develop between animal species. Some day we will understand more about all species ability to think.

  • mike

    Simon! I want to hang out with your buddy in person, do you allow visitors?

  • Mike Christoff

    I just finished watching your program on the plight of Toki. It seems to me Simon that you could find a mate for Toki. He is truly a beautiful animal and it would seem a waste if he did not mate. He needs a partner to carry on his blood line Continue to give us updates and best of luck to you and “toki”.

  • William in Texas

    Wonderful film about Toki.
    As more viewers will want to follow Toki’s development, may I suggest PBS or someone create an email alert system that will broadcast latest new developments on Toki from Simon’s site ( I would sign up.

  • Sam

    Wonderful program please keep us posted on Toli, Thank you!

  • PJ

    A very moving documentary on the Cheetahs Toki and Sambu. Please keep us all update on how Toki is doing.

  • bob dep

    Your program was amazing thankyou ,i hardly blinked for the last hour this was “the show my telly was made for!”.all the best for everyone’s future..long may it continue. bob

  • Sue in Fort Erie, ON

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show on Toki and Sambu. It was amazing to see them grow up and interact with you Simon…I am glad to hear that he is doing so well and you are keeping track of him. I was so sad to see that his brother died…I truly felt for him. I would love to see him find a mate and to have a family of his own to carry on his wonderful traits and bloodline…he is extraordinary. Keep up the great work Simon. Sue

  • Kim

    I just looked at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy website. There is an update dated July 23, 2008. It says, “Let’s not forget, of course, our “celebrity” cheetah, Toki, who continues to do well.” I hope that this info will help.

  • Neen Flicker

    Toki and Sambu’s story made me realize what incredible hardships these magnificent creatures face. I will continue to follow Toki’s adventures and keep “rooting” for him. My dream is to visit Africa,so maybe one day I will have an encounter with a real “TOKI”. You can be sure I will share this story with the grade 4 students I work with. Your work is amazing……thank-you for sharing!!! Neen from Canada

  • Jeffery Scharle

    Just watched. Simon is a father having a hard time letting go of his child. Every parent was to protect thier children and Simon is no different. I would love to here what has happened with Toki and hope he is doing well and that they have found him a female to share his world with. Thanks From Jeff in Canada.

  • Renee

    How can I help support your support?
    I want to be like you and help Toki some way.

  • Evonne In Alberta

    Hey, i just finished watching the show about the brothers and was touched by it. I had to see how Toki was doing so i came on this. Hope Toki is ok today. you are doing a great thing Simon i hope you continue, please post new info soon.
    November 2, 2008

  • MVMike

    Simon & Steven, what an incredible life experience you have shared with these and animals and tonight with millions of us. Its been many years since a story such as yours with Toki & Sambu has caught our attention to the point we could not take our eyes or attention from the story. Thanks for taking the time to document it for all of us to see and I hope it will be an inspiration for many others to follow. Good luck in your endeavors and God Bless you. – Mike

  • Sherry

    I am still wiping tears of Joy and tears of sadness from my eyes from watching the Documentary on the Beautiful Cheetah Cubs that Simon saved and nurtured..Keep up the Good Work, Simon !..I wish I could meet You in Person and Kiss You for Your Warm Heart and what You do to preserve those wonderful animals !

  • Arlene

    I loved your experience that you shared with everyone about those 2 wonderful and very sweet animals. Sambu”s death made me cry. And when Toki was attacked by the males was heart rendering. I could see that they liked you around them like a dad so to speak. I’m sure you will update for us, Toki’s life. Thx again

  • Talon

    i think that the cheatas are really cute. im 13 :)

  • s.provost@tellus.panet

    i want to know if toki is okay because i just lost my pet cat and i wont to know is it hard to let go of simon and please keep in touch thank you

  • Christina

    My heart goes out to you, Simon, and your wonderful crew. Thank you for sharing your love of cheetahs with us. Toki’s life is so very inspiring to all who are able to witness his story. We send our love to all of you and wish you the best in the future. Thank you, Simon.

  • Dan Horne

    the show was excellent,please update progress with Toki.

  • Anna

    This is a wonderful documentary. I envy you this wonderful experience. Both Cheetash were very fortunate being raised by you.

  • bonnie

    Please give us an update on Toki. We fell in love with him.

  • judi bucholtz

    This documentary touches the heart. The love between Simon and Toki, as seen again in the documentary tonight touches love. Please update us soon. Hopefully, he found what was right for him and is well. Best to you both.

  • Debra

    Thank God for people like simon. i’d like a alert too for updates on toki. this is quality television.

  • Ruth

    I agree with #27 commmentor – email alert system so we can keep tabs on Toki. He is a most beautiful creature. I hope he’ll find a mate. I love cats of all kinds. I’d love to roll around in the grass with Toki. How incredible this journey. Thank you Simon.

  • Johnny Steeb

    I watched your show this evening. How very lucky you are to have two wonderful friends like that. Once in a life time can anyone have that kind of relationship with such beautiful animals. Toki is so much attached to you I don’t know how I could ever let him out of my sight. I was sad to see his brother killed. Keep Toki safe..I will keep checking to see how he is doing. Take care and thanks for letting us in on their lives..


  • Talon

    i think that the cheatas aare very cute :):):):):)

  • Alenna

    Absolutely loved your program, you are living my dream! Even though I only had the experience to watch Toki and Sambu on TV my heart goes out to them. You are all fantastic people, keep up the great work “orphan cheetah team”. Best of luck finding Toki a lady friend.

  • Ethan

    WOw this cheata is amazing! I watched the show tonight and It was wonderful and sad. I hope more animals can be saved in Africa

  • maryann

    What an amazing show. I could not leave the room and unfortunately missed some of the early days with the animals. Your devotion is wonderful. I could almost feel your emotions about the cat. I will be watching the Nature shows more often I am sure. Thank you for a wonderful story.

  • Janice Salazar

    Watched this wonderful and heart touching story about Cheetah Orpahs. Simon, you have done a wonderful job with your “babies” and may God bless you and all of your assistants in this endeavor. JCS

  • gary eckardt

    I was truly touhed. I fell in love with both cats, Sambu and Toki. Sambu”s death also made me cry. Simon, my hats off to you. This Earth would be a better place if we had more people like you. Thank you so much. God Bless.

  • June

    Just finished watching the story of Simon and his cheetahs. This was a repeat viewing for me so of course I was wiping away the tears long before Sambu met his untimely end. I’m still sniffling as I type now. Thank you so much for the online update on Taki. Please ask Simon to keep posting the latest news on him. Someday I hope to travel to Africa and would dearly love to be able to visit Toki at that time. I hope Simon can find a way for him to continue his free but sheltered life and also allow us, his many fans, to be able to share it as well.

    I love all cats of all sizes but I think cheetahs have always been my favorite. There is something so endearing about their facial markings and that little chirping sound they make when looking for each other just melts my heart every time I hear it.

  • David Evans

    My TiVO recorder didn’t work for the last 15 minutes, and I was afraid that Toki had been killed (by lions or other predators) when he got lost, and they couldn’t get the radio receiver to pick up his signal. I’m glad to find out from reading the above posts that he was OK (though I don’t know how they found him in all that expanse of wilderness). Maybe there will be subsequent episodes showing how he’s getting along, and whether he found a mate. Or, maybe they will repeat the show (if I happen on it when it does).

  • Paul in Salt Lake

    Very moving story, as everyone agrees. Please go to for more information on saving these special cats. In Namibia they have had success with the Livestock Guarding Dog Program. Check it out.

  • Lynne Norton

    What a beautiful World this would be if there were more Simon Kings spreading his peace & love for animals. Hooray for Toki – you are definitely an Ambassador.

  • carole

    watched this wonderful program tonight. it was amazing
    to see what simon and stephen were able to accomplish.
    looking forward to seeing an update on toki soon.

  • mark church

    very moving program, its great to see that special bond that can exist between man and wild creatures as beautiful as toki, please keep me informed of tokis well being,

  • stephanie

    Wonderful and compelling documentary. I wonder if you have ever recorded Toki purring? I would love to hear that!

  • Seldon Hill

    I also would like to wonder how Toki is doing today, and would luv to here more about Toki and maybe have another documentary of him on PBS again because it seams as though a lot of people are very into Toki. Toki is so awesome and inspiering to people. In his sinario of course. please email me with the update on Toki. thanks

  • Mimi

    For everyone who’s been asking about further updates on Toki and for everyone who has been moved enough by this story to take action; here is a website where you can donate directly to help care for Toki.

  • Cathy & Ethan

    We were rivetted by the program last night, especially since we had our own feline brotherly tradegy this week. We had 2 black cats, brothers and one was struck by a car this week and we had to euthenize him. His brother is lost, as we all are. Early today before watching the program, we found another kitten to bring into our family and after watching the program, my son Ethan said “Hey – let’s name him Toki” … and so we shall! we look forward to updates on the original Toki …. Thank you Simon King for your dedication and courage!

  • Linda Birmingham

    This was an incredible documentary! Seeing Simon nuture and raise Sambu & Toki from cubs to adults was incredible. My heart broke when Sambu was killed and Toki was crying out for him. I’m so grateful that Simon & Steven and the crew helped Toki when he was also hurt in another attack instead of letting nature take it’s course….sometimes, we must help them out especially when there are so few of these beautiful cats left in the world. I also cried when the female cheetah that came to the camp ended up having rabies and passed away. Keep up the excellent work Simon & Steven!
    Also, please check out this website that also rescues and cares for big cats that Tippi Hedrin runs as a non-profit organization. She’s doing wonderful work to help save animals from illegal zoos and illegal owners of big cats. I’m a member and support them as much as possible along with the Humane Society.
    Peace & Love to all of you!

  • Nancy

    Of all the nature shows I watch I found this to be one of the most heartwarming! Simon..God Bless you for being so caring woth these 2 beautiful animals! I would love updates on how Toki is doing. Would like to see that he has found a mate and has success in the wild. Would like to see updated progress on him.

  • Laurie

    Once in awhile, you come across a program that captivates you and changes your life and way of thinking.
    Toki found a way into my heart.May you all continue to spread awareness and compassion in this little world of ours.

  • Virginia

    Like everyone else, I love this story & i love Toki, ,my dear wonderful cat sit with me to watch & my husband too…keep us up on do wonderful work simon, what an amazing life you have! God bless you and the animals.

  • Marie

    This is the second time I’ve seen this documentary, and it still moved me in ways that I cannot explain. I love Toki because he represents something larger than just an orphaned cub who has survived in the wild. As for Simon, I believe he is one of those magically blessed people (like Audrey Hepburn), who are genuine: intelligent, thoughtful, caring, sensitive. With everything that is going on in the world today, I feel honored to share the planet with someone like him. There are billions of people on earth right now, but not that many truly genuine Audrey Hepburns/Simon Kings to admire and take inspiration from. I can understand why people like Steven and the others in the crew want to be with him to document this material. Thank you, Simon.

  • Ardis Haslach

    Simon, You are a remarkable man to put so much into wild life..I love your story about Toki, I got so into the story,I felt like it was a pet of mine. I love to see stories like this with happy endings.
    Thank You and keep up the good work.

  • Lynn

    A warm and wonderful film,as a pet owner I can relate to Simon’s feeling for those cubs! It is so hard to have them be endangered.I am amazed at the wonderful bond he had with the cubs and still has with Toki.AS with the rest of you I am really interested in Toki’s future! We need more Simons in this world and less destructive uncaring folks!

  • Dolores Vespi

    Simon you are truly a blessed soul. I have more appreciation for wild cheetas now. Even if Toki doesn’t find a mate I hope that he still stays safe for the rest of his life. You are a lucky person Simon to know he loves you and you him. This was an exceptional documentary. I love both Sambu and Toki and my five domestic cats and all strays. I do my best for them. Thank you Simon for your compassion. I hope people can be updated on Toki. God Bless You.


    What a beautiful and touching story!

  • Sarah

    I watched this last night and was absolutely mesmerized. My husband intended to change the channel to watch his beloved football game and never got around to it. I think I was most touched by the closeness of the brothers and Toki’s mournful calling after Sambu met his tragic end, but Simon’s reaction to finding him at the end of the show safe in the midst of the goat farmers’ territory after being sure he was dead moved me as well. We laughed, we cried, and we have nothing but admiration and respect for both beautiful, lucky Toki and his wonderful guardian angel, Simon. How brave you were to take both the cubs under your wing, Simon, knowing that it might end in disaster, and to continue to fight for Toki’s right to live in the wild in spite of all his brushes with a horrible death. I hope Toki lives a long and wonderful life, and I do hope you find a way to help him pass his genes on.

  • A

    The whole family was touched and mesmerized by the story. We all love animals and were touched by what Simon has done for Toki. It was late and the kids had to go to sleep, but each wanted to know what happened to Toki. I will be sharing this site with them so they can see the happy ending (just about there).

  • Brongaene Griffin

    I could barely keep my heart in when you last rescued him after his 12 mile trek and he was so near all those humans and cattle. I’ve had that feeling before just finding a domestic cat that had strayed away to our old house after I moved. I can’t imagine after so long, how much love I’d feel for an animal like Toki. My heart breaks and I hope he stays safe.

  • R.P.

    Great show! It is amazing how these creatures can survive. I see how difficult is for Toki to learn to live completely in the wild, after relating to humans. Although what you did was great, you also changed Toki’s life. You also see in the show that Steve, Simon’s assistant did a lot with Toki, even sleeping with Toki when he was suffering the lost of its brother and when was hurt. I believe Steve is as equal part as Simon in protecting this magnificent animal…

  • Melba

    A great program illustrating the perils and hardships we are imposing on all wildlife. Keep us updated on TOKI. Has he mated yet? We are looking forward to a story on his cubs. Melba

  • Vionette

    Thank you for the beautiful and informative program. The orphan cubs shows the dangers in the wild. Please keep updates on Toki coming regularly. Does he have a mate yet?

  • Susan

    Update on Toki can be found on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy site:

  • terrie Hager

    My husband and I watched your program last night. It was a beautiful adventure. I am a cat lover, and have lost animals close to me so can relate somewhat to your story on a housecat base. I would not have thought about cheetahs having enemies. Keep the updates coming about Toki.

  • jason

    Im just so glad i was able to wacth something so beautiful. As a person that is in citylimits and never able to experince that. It was wonderful,and im sure you will be blessed for taking in Toki.

  • Gen

    I watched last nights show and thought it was a wonderful story. I checked number 81,s comment about Toki and was happy to hear he was doing well.Happy Simon followed him so closely

  • Elizabeth Hartley

    I can empathize with Simon, because I have 27 domestic cats that have been abandoned, starved, poisoned and abused. I have them all named and love and care for each one. I too, have had to teach some of these cats about their natural instinct. They are all doing just great! When Sambu was killed, I cried as if he were mine to lose, because I know that loss. May God protect Toki and he find a mate to carry his bloodline and increase the cheetahs for future generations. Rock on TOKI!!!

  • Kathleen Dugger

    Wow, Simon You really amaze me. Your heart touched mine. I see I am not the only one you have reached with your love for Toki and nature in general. Thank you for your beautiful spirit. I would love to join you!

  • Reed in WA!

    i was SO touched when i saw all about these cheetahs. i’m 12, and when i saw there was an update on Toki, i was so excited! please, can you tell us what he is up to now?

  • elaine

    I watched this ever so touching show about Toki last night, and I had to come to the website for an update (something I never do). I wish the absolute best for Toki, and thank Simon for his neverending love for this wonderful cat. What a great show.

  • susan and charlie

    My 11 year old son adn I are checking in like many others for an update. Even if it is bad newws, we would like to know. At least Toki had some “born free” time

  • Karl

    What an awesome documentary. Long live Toki. Let’s get the update rollin’

  • Deborah Mueller

    My 10 year old son and I watched the Nature special on Toki and Sambu for the first time last night. My son deeply grieved the loss of Sambu. We would love to get any further information we could. We were and still are so moved by Simon’s efforts and love of Toki and Simbu.

  • Falon

    WOW!!! That story was absolutely amazing and so inspiring. I wa sable to watch the program last night. I think wildlife in general is beautiful and those cheetahs were deffinately no acception.

  • Rachel

    I watched Nature last night with my dad and I was so happy that everything turned out alright with Toki. He is so beautiful. I think everyone should love animals as much as the people who cared for Toki so that all animals could have the chances in life that he has.

  • Donna

    I was greatly moved by The Cheetah Orphans and thrilled with Simon’s success at teaching them to survive and hunt. I just spent time with Dr. Laurie Marker at Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, and am a passionate advocate for the cheetah’s survival. I anxiously await a more recent update on dear Toki’s welfare today!

  • Eriq

    I am happy Toki could live a great life and still live a great life. I am sad how his mother and brother die by a lion.

  • Marty Stein

    Did Stephen escape getting rabies? The program stated he received treatment (although the details weren’t provided regarding administration of rabies immune globulin etc.). Protection may be poor when the wound exposure is great, as seemed to be Stephen’s situation.

  • Barbara

    I too have seen this documentary twice, and was touched each time by the great love and respect between Simon and Toki…
    Also, I’m glad Simon had such a wonderful helper in Stephen.
    I love animals and whether they are pets in our home or the wild animals of our world, I’m so happy when I see the love and caring of people.
    Please give us an update on Toki. Thank you so much.



  • B. Scott

    this was a marvelous account about the two cheetahs, very sad about Sambu but that is natures way. i’m so happy that Toki is doing fine but i really want a current upday for 2008. come on it’s been over a year since the last update. you’ve got us hooked on this beautiful cat so keep current on his progress. especially if he found a mate and if so did they have some offspring. keep giving us more wonderful shows. so much better than the the dumb programs on regular t.v.

  • B. Scott

    fantastic documentary on cheetahs. such a beautiful cat. one of the prettiest in the cat family. we don’t have a 2008 update so please keep us posted at to Toki’s well-being and his romantic encounters plus any offspring. i hope he is still alive and doing great. thanks for this terrific account.

  • Liz Tanner

    OMG! These cats have captured my heart indeed. I have never cried while watching shows like this one, but gosh…I couldn’t help it. I am a major cat lover and have four who sleep with me every night. I kept yelling at the TV “Simon, just keep Toki in the fenced area please!” I was so relieved when he finally did. I appluad you Simon for loving these animals so much…you have a great heart, but please keep us updated on Toki’s well-being. It has been a year and alot can happen in a year. I hope you visit him often because he loves you so much. Thanks for the wonderful program and keep them coming. God bless You Simon…and Toki.

  • Kat B

    I would like a new update on Toki as well. I loved the show although it did make me cry about Sambu.

  • Richard M.

    I watched this program and I was deeply moved by the care,love and attention that was bestowed upon these “cats”, especially the remaining orphan, Toki. I do love these wild felines and I’m aware of their endangered status along with tigers and snow leopards. I congratulate Simon and others like him, who willingly take the time to protect and promote the welfare of these beautiful and intelligent creatures. R.M.

  • Julie

    I love all animals, i had some that i favored more, but i never really thought much of cheetahs… i just thought they were pretty cool, fast, and cute. This program that you created was very inspiring, my eyes were opened and from what i could see in these comments, you are a success. Unfortunately poachers are too emotionless enough for your message to get through to them, and the human greed will continue. Thank You for taking care of toki and sambu.

  • Linda Carter

    I watched this program twice (missed half the first time. Both Simon & Stephen deserve Kudos from the rest of the world for their work with & love for these magnificant animals. I too fell in love with Toki and hope we all can get further updates on him.

  • Elliot Charney

    How about a Toki update. Maybe a new film.

  • Kathleen Dugger

    Simon, The peace and light you bring to the world won’t soon be forgotten. Your natural affection for animals is a beautiful gift. Thank you so much.

  • dave

    i want to see some kind of rss feed of this. i just got a new program called miro, and i couldn’t find anything on this since the rabid cheetah attack. i don’t care if it is in high def or not.

  • Julie Z.

    Julie says;
    I just watched this special for the second time,I have developed a real affection for Toki and his welfare. There is something truly amazing about the emotional bond he has with Simon,what a lucky man! Pleas let us know how Toki is doing and if he ever found a mate.

  • Ronica Sledge

    Me and my husband watched Toki and we love him. I hope Toki finds a mate. He is such a beautiful cheetah and I want him to be okay.

  • Suzi Cool

    I would also like an update on Toki and how he is doing. Did he ever get to be a dad? Let all of us Curious Cat people know!!!

  • dennis

    how is toki is he ok i wonder i seen this a while ago and it made me feel happy knowing that cheetahs are being cared for i almost cried when i seen the episode

  • Doc Irene

    This episode touched my heart in such a way that I cannot adequately express. I feel as if my heart is crying joyous tears, knowing that Toki got to grow up to be a very handsome, adult cheetah living in the wild where he belongs while feeling the pain of having lost his brother (and mother) and the search for a mate. I sincerely admire Simon for his work and his love for the orphans is evident in his tear-welled eyes. I came here to see if there is an update on Toki. I am grateful he had the chance, no matter the outcome, to live truly like a cheetah.

  • Yary

    We would like to know how is Toki at this point. I love that cheetah. Let us know, please. God blessed you Simon, you have the most sincere love any human could have, a grateful friend, Toki.

  • Stephanie Lorch

    Simon and Stephen are truely God sent guardian angels who have allowed us to share their love of nature and all of God’s creatures-great and small. It is a rare pleasure to view a program with such depth and insight as this program provided in Simon and Stephen’s quest for Toki’s well-being. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  • adam

    that’s was so touching story.. pls. give me an update how’s Toki doing.. thanks.. keep up the good work..

  • Lana

    Last night I was channel surfing and came across a beautiful, strong animal. That animal I learned was Toki. I put down the remote and became completly engulfed in his story. From his being sheltered by humans to the efforts of his handler and desire for the cheetah to run free. It was tough to let him go, they came back for him…. While watching the story I had hoped for him to be able to be set into the wild and do well on his own but I was worried for him as his handler. Then I was as excited about the possibility of his finding a mate and was disappointed to learn the creature was rabid. I was happy to see him out of harms way, wish they all could be but it’s not possible. I would like to learn more of Toki, how is he doing? Will he ever be set in the wild or is he to near and dear to all of us.

  • Jan Le Marquand

    The story of Toki and Simon is such an inspiration to us all; Simon is a shining example of the kind of love for our fellow animals that the earth so desperately needs right now. A follow up please!!

  • Mateen Nizamuddin

    This was a very compelling story to watch. It was truly amazing to watch the affection between the two brothers. I wanted to know if Sambu was the one who was afraid of crossing the rivers.

  • Tina

    Another story of beautiful creation! Toki and Sambu are such amazing animals. I was saddened to hear of the death of Sambu and the loss that Toki felt. Simon is such a kind, gentle and loving human. Such a fine example for us all. I look forward to the day when man and beast can live together as one without fear, as promised in the bible. This story shows us that it is possible.

  • BheAnne Lim

    It was such a touching documentary! Simon did a great job in taking care of these creatures. How I wish this earth will be filled with people like Simon. God must be smiling up there watching people like Simon doing the right things, taking care of His creation. Great job, Simon! God Bless!

  • Sue Smith

    What an inspiring story and How Majestic the beautiful Cheetah is.
    I have watched Toki’s story at least 3 times and am blessed by it every time..Thank you Simon and Stephen for bringing Toki and Sambu to us.I was very sad to see that Sambu died and Toki’s obvious distress at the loss of his brother. Please keep us updated.

  • JayR Clover

    Thank you Simon for helping such a beautiful cat survive. Please give the latest update on Toki.

  • Mari Lynn

    Thank you for giving all of us viewers such a touching, heartfelt story. I was watching it with my own domesticated “kittie” lying peacefully on me while watching this incredible documentary. Having raised my own “Jasper” from the wild, along with his family-I could relate to the joy and heartbreak of being close to cats. I am thrilled to share that Jasper escaped the fate of being a coyote meal-but unfortunately his brothers, sister and mother were not so lucky. I absolutely can relate to the closeness and sense of responsiblity one takes on when animals (whether wild/feral or domesticated) enter our lives and hearts. Thank God Toki has you, Simon and what incredible work you do!! And, thanks for the update on the wildlife preserve. Its comforting to know that Toki is thriving and hopefully by now-has found a mate!

  • Matthew

    I just watched one of the episodes I liked it so much. the reason why it makes me sad because i had three cats two died and one of them died in my room while i was a sleep. I would love to know what is happening to Toki.
    P.S. When is another clip/episode coming out?



  • youyou

    I have just finished watching an episode of yours. I want to thank you for your hard work that you did. It amazes me that you took care of him for 4 years! I’m dying to know how Toki is doing and i’am sure so is everybody else. I have seen many videos about orphaned animals but none of them is as inspiring and facinating as yours. Keep up the good work Simon. : )

  • youyou

    by the way this is comment number 128… or atleast about 128 : )
    as my comment says before keep up the good work and please update us about Toki’s health and situation.

  • Sandy

    just watched your magnificient program(11/8/08) of the gorgeous cheetahs. Please inform us as to how Toki is doing today. I fell in love with him. Thanks

  • John Gordon

    Please keep us posted on Toki’s life. Did he ever find a mate? Is he still alive?

  • lisa

    what a touching, loving story, thank you, Simon, Stephen and your entir crew for bring this beautiful story to us. thank you for doing God’s work. please keep us updates on Koti, please. it is not easy to see sambu to go, something that’s so wonderful—

  • ELIO


    Did you ever imagine the level of impact you would make on others, esp. cat/animal lovers? You are a real man who is not only unafraid to show emotion but also very unselfish in your pursuit to preventing extinction of this beautiful and exotic feline.

    Thank you for allowing us to share in your purposeful experiences. My wife and I are anxiously anticipating your update on Toki and/or new footage on other cheetahs. May God bless you & your mission and reward you abundantly!

    Elio & Bonnie <

  • Cindy L.

    I absolutely love what Simon and the crew does for God’s creatures. I would donate my life to doing the same in a heartbeat. This was a great depiction of the most humane deed…. I cried like a baby when Sambu died, and again when Toki was attacked. Thank goodness Simon and the crew was there to save him. And I feel it was the best choice to keep him in the secured enclosure …. he is a gorgeous animal and deserves to live out his life safely. I cannot wait for an update, and I hope Toki has a mate.

  • kathy robertson

    As a teacher, I’m always looking for films to inspire my 6th graders. This one is going to the top of my list.

  • Ron and Elizabeth

    Thank you, PBS, Nature!, and Simon, Steven and the rest of the crew for this fabulous program! My husband and I were both moved to tears several times in the program, not least when Toki approached Simon, got a “scritching,” and then collapsed, purring, at Simon’s feet – just like our own kitty does.
    It occurred to me that Toki’s genes could be distributed via artificial insemination to female cheetahs anywhere in the world. Is that a possibility?

  • chris worley

    watched the show just a lil bit ago real touching, toki is an inspiration how is he doin hoping the best for him please let me know thank you

  • Karen

    I enjoyed the program on Toki – would like an update on his life. Where is he now? Hope so!

  • linda, R


  • Cheryl

    My husband I just watched the program on the cubs as well and we too would like to know how Toki is doing. Simon, Please let us know somthing as we too are now emotionally attached! Thanks, You’ve done a fantastic job- Cheryl

  • Hannah Kneeshaw

    Toki is a strong living animal. I hope he lives safe. I love these creatures as much as Simon. Thank you for loving them, Hannah, Washington.

  • Marni Brady

    My two girl (3 and 5.5) would like to know — is Toki a daddy yet??? We loved the film. Thank you, Simon, for saving this incredible animal — and recording it for us all to experience with you.

  • Dawn Hunt

    I also just finished watching the documentary on these amazing cats.
    I work with horses, and I personally know the bond a human can have with animals.
    When they trust you, it is an incredible journey of the heart.
    Simon has that kind of bond with Toki, and hopefully, Toki will carry on his legacy through new cubs.
    It has been a year since the last update on Toki. Hopefully he is doing well.
    Please send us an update on his progress. It helps those of us who are truly dedicated to animals, to know that our work is not in vain.
    Thank you Simon for shedding light on these incredible animals. God speed to you and Toki!!
    Dawn Hunt

  • Cindy

    I just finished watching the documentary, and fell overwhelmed to find out more about Toki and Simon’s work. It is really admirable the work and dedication that Simon and his team are doing for the preservation of these magnificent animals. I wish him and his team all the best.

    I’m looking forward to read more about Toki in December and for more videos about these orphaned cheetahs.

  • dionne

    Hi- Just wondering if there might be an update on Toki? This is such a fascinating story.

  • Jeffrey

    This isn’t an update! It’s from a year ago. The episode just aired last month and it had a graphic saying there was updates on Toki here. Hey, Nature! Update the update!

  • Maureen

    This program is quite an ego piece for Mr. King. Having worked with wild animals myself for a number of years, I have very mixed feelings about his work and the way he presents it. It is extremely difficult to reintroduce animals into the wild who have had extensive contact with humans, particularly when this contact continues as it does with Toki.

    With regard to the female cheetah who attacked him and one of his men, his narration gives the impression that she was allowed to die rather than be euthanized. If this is true, I find it appalling and inexcusable. It is one thing to let nature take its course, but quite another to allow an animal to suffer needlessly.

  • lilly

    I love animals {all} and It’s hard for me to watch when they hunt so I look away,but with this cat I could’nt,I had to see with my own eyes that he could care for himself and with the tears streaming down my face and my kids looking at me like I’m crazy ;I with the help of that beautiful cat have finally come to terms with the circle of life. Chindandi Toki

  • SantaFeJack

    I just watched this show and also wonder when a more up-to-date update will be forthcoming. A lot can happen to a wild animal in a year!

  • mary-ann

    what a beautiful show. I am a Kenyan living in the US and I appreciate the efforts of people like Simon and his crew who are so dedicated to preserving and ensuring the survival of animals such as the cheetah in my beautiful country. The Kenyan economy depends largely on tourism and without your hard work and dedication, the beauty of Kenya would not continue to be enjoyed by the millions who travel from far distances to see for their own eyes what Kenya has to offer. Thank-you again Simon and your team and I wish you all the best.

  • Bud Kincaid

    Very seldom does a program bring tears to my eyes. I was truly touched by your story with the two cubs. Simon, keep up the good work and please let us know what is going on with Taki…or any “friends” he may have.

  • Deanna Pachler

    I logged on to your website as soon as seeing this show today hoping to find an update on Toki. We are frequent visitors to animal parks, and it is sad to see them caged, however, we (animals and humans) both need to see each other, face to face.

  • Bob Whitaker

    On November 10, 2008 I watched the amazing story of Toki and Sambu on public television. It was by far the best nature story I have every seen. Amazing photography. Africa is absolutely bueatiful and a must see. Hope Simon will update us soon regarding Toki. Perhaps he could find and resue a female Cheeta for Toki.

  • Connor

    Hey I just watched the video and I thought that this was a touching story even for kids my age.(I’m 13) I thought that this sort of explained the world we live in today. Thankyou for making this video.

  • Dan

    Hey all. I just watched the documentary and i absolutely loved it. I love Toki and i hope he is doing well. Great job Simon, you caused nearly all the viewers to get a connection to Toki as well. I would just like an update on Toki because well… like i said before I care for the little… big… really fast guy.



    The update photograph says fall of 2007. How is Toki doing now in 2008 and when was the last time you seen him? thank you…

  • Nisa

    It’s Dec 2008 and I’m wondering how Toki is doing. Please update, thank you!

    Nisa from Singapore

  • Patricia

    B e a u t i f u l !!!
    I’m Toki’s no. 1 fan, what a lovely & cute animal, please send updated information!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Have just found your web site – have always loved Cheetahs – do you know if the documentary on Toki is coming to Australian Television or is featuring on Foxtel. Would just love to see this story

  • Tia

    when i watched the show i cried my heart out. i am an animal lover and i cant stand to see one hurt. please give us an update on Toki.

  • linda davis

    hello simon I am a great fan of your big cat diary and cheetah’s are my favourite animal im always happy to hear of new news about Toki from your website x

  • Diane Rice

    Will there be a follow-up on Toki? Husband and i are simply moved from watching the tape.

  • Sandor

    You people are so HELPLESS! Please give us an update on Toki, please give us an update on Toki, please give us an update on Toki, you all say? Do you not see the link to Simon King’s website? Did none of you think of clicking on it? Here is the link directly (remember they give the dates the other way around from in the US so 1-12-08 is December 1, not January 12) to the most recent Toki update:

  • Anisha

    Please give us an update on Toki!

  • Carol

    Anyone who enjoyed Simon Kings story of Toki and his brother, should read Joy Adamson’ s Spotted Sphinx and her follow up books. All true stories of the same heart wrenching emotion.
    Hand raised Cheetah released (in the Adamson book – Pippa) back to the wild, and bearing several litters of cubs. A must read!
    Simon King did a wonderful job with his story of Toki!



  • Betsy

    Just viewed the story of Toki and his brother this evening, amazing! A wonderful experience. Would like to know how he is doing today.

  • Linda

    As with all others, this documentary impacted me. Please post an update on Toki. I’ve looked at several sites but it’s been over a year since any posting or info on Toki. We would all appreciate knowing how things are for Toki…thank you

  • Chris Davis

    What an amazing story this is. I along with many others by the looks of it would love an update on Toki and his life.

  • Vickie Harris

    Just viewed the wonderful story about Toki and would like an update on how he is doing. Hopefully he is alive and now has a family of his own.

  • Julia

    Please please give us an update on Toki! I fell in love last night with Toki, and saved his photo to my desktop background so I can see him all the time. I hope he’s ok. Thanks Simon.

  • Lois Kolender

    Last night, the 22nd, was a touching story about Toki and his brother. It was like a story of a beautiful, sensitive child. PLEASE keep us informed as to how is doing and what involvements take place with him.

  • Sonia Black

    You did a wonderful thing with those cheetahs, Toki & Sambu. My heart broke when Sambu died and I pray for a safe and long future for Toki. You should find a female to carry on the genes. That way, they will always live.
    Please always keep us all updated on Toki. I love cats of all size, especially cheetas of the large cats. But Toki really stole my heart.
    He’s truely a precious gift.

  • Sandy and Lew Wood

    We enjoyed “Nature” with Simon and Toki! We too would like an update on how Toki is doing. P.S. We are addicted to “Big Cats Diaries”

  • Valerie Wiebe

    As all of us here have posted, an update on Toki would be much appreciated. We are all hoping he is well with a beautiful family of his own. Please, please let us know.

  • Jennifer Lewis

    We were enthralled and moved by your in-depth study of the cheetahs. We also shared your sadness when Sambu died. Please let us know how Toki is doing and whether he has found a mate to carry on his magnificent genes. Thank you!

  • Josh

    Sambu :’( My heart broke when I heard the words Sambu and died. I can feel Toki’s pain.

  • Danielle

    I am so deeply moved by Toki and Sambu’s story. Like everyone else, I want to know how Toki is now. Like everyone else, I’m dreaming the dream that King had for him. A little blurb came up that said we could get an update, but I cannot locate it. Please provide the link.

  • mike

    watched the program on Toki and am interested on knowing that he is safe and happy as well as Simon King!!

  • Greg

    How is Toki doing right now? Will you make another show on how Toki is doing in the reserve? And did Toki find a mate at all?

  • Jorge

    Great documentary about a magnificent animal.

  • Philip

    How is Toki doing?

  • JODI

    I thoroughly enjoyed the film, but was saddened by the death of Sambu. How is Toki doing now? How is Mr. King? I could feel your love and pain that you carried for both cheetahs. Please keep me informed.

  • Jon

    I would like to say that I found your film both educational and heart warming. I also think you made some of the hardest and best choices for Toki. It broke my heart to see what happened to Sambu, but I see why it was worth the risk. But I am left with one question. It is most likely the radio collar that saved Toki’s life from the other cheetahs. Would it not stand to reason that you should put studs on the new one? Would the farms be less likely to kill a domestic cheetah?

  • Valerie Wiebe

    Well, I really wanted to find out how he was so I emailed England and got this response…Toki is fine and doing well…..

    Hello, Thank you for your enquiry into Toki’s welfare. He is still fit and healthy and living happily in Ol Pejeta reserve They post updates when possible on their facebook page but these are infrequent as Toki is an elusive cat!

  • rashaad

    Im sorry that Samu was killed but one day you will have hope

  • Libor

    I watched this special show twice. Every time bring tears to my eye. I just wonder how is Toki doing. He is beautiful. Hope he finds a mate and procduce beautiful cub like him!

  • Dana

    We watched the show and fell in love with toki. We wish him the best and hope he meets another cheetah and starts a family of his own. please keep us informed on how he is doing.

  • Morey

    I just want to wish toki luck now that he is free to roam. Send an update when you can.

  • Ashley

    I wonder if Toki still remembers his brother…

  • Amrita

    Hello Simon, thank you so much for the beautiful and heartwarming film on Toki and Sambu. You put in a tremendous effort in taking care of Toki and it was well worth it.
    Valerie, thanks for emailing Simon and posting his response that Toki is doing well.

  • ToeKnee

    It was very sad to see Sambu end up the way he did :( Toki and Sambu have been relying on Simon for a long time,so they don’t know about the dangers they will and have faced in the reserve.It would have been better to release them even earlier than they did.I know they may not have survived at such a young age,but Sambu has already paid the price.Now the time is uncertain for Toki.Keep up the great work,and I appreciate you trying to make a difference.I look forward to more updates soon.

  • kareena

    hey i have whatch the show it was so sad when his sis deads

  • Toki Update

    The Ol Pejeta Conservancy on Facebook, November 27 2009, Toki Update:
    “Yes Toki is still with us living in a 4000 acre enclosure as a 99% wild cheetah. He hunts for himself, is rarely seen and is in good shape! So much so that there are ideas about transferring him from his personal enclosure to the wild – but Simon King would need to agree this!”
    ” Any decision on Toki will be very carefully considered. He does however spend significant time sitting next to the fence looking longingly outwards… so perhaps he thinks he would prefer to take a chance “on the outside”. Rest assured we have his best interests at heart!”

  • Jeanette Lytle

    Your film on Toki and Sambu was informative and truly heart warming. I hope we can learn a lot from your experiences with Toki so that the cheetah population might be preserved and the balance of nature maintained. Good luck to Toki, Simon, and all involved in these efforts.

  • morgan

    hey i just seen the show and i truly hope that toki is still doing ok and has found a mate to sharethe hardships of life with.

  • Merewyn

    I loved watching the documentary about Toki (and, I cried when Sambu died.) I think that the bond that Toki and Simon King have formed is wonderful … you can tell that Toki loves Simon so much!

  • mona

    I recently saw the repeat of Toki’s story…how is he now? (Dec. 2009)

  • sissy

    The repeat of this story touched me more than the first time I veiwed it. How is Toki doing?

  • Bea

    There are no comments or entries since Nov 2008. Is the cheetah still alive or what!

  • kareena

    i loved the show i woke up one mornning and it was on so i just watched it i loved every bit of it

  • fred and adni

    We Love Toki & Sambu….we hope & pray that he finds him self a hot mate! and has MANY cute cubs! All the best for Toki! I know Sambu is no longer with us but we still love him! This documentary made me cry! We definitely need an update on Toki and how he is doing presently! Please!

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for the update on Toki – as of March 2010. Please keep us informed – I love cats, all of them, but Toki has a special place. I wish him a long and happy life.

  • Shaun

    The latest update on Toki at Simon Kings Diary website is dated March 2010.

  • betty

    I just watched the program today on the orphaned cheetahs and wonder how Toki is doing. The bond between cheetah and human is very much like father and child. Hopefully, a female cheetah will arrive on the scene so this magnificent animal can share his life with one of his own species.

  • Saeed Eghbali

    My wife and I just finished watching the film on the two orphaned Cheetahs, and I have to say that we both fell in love with them. We were very sad when Toki lost his brother to lions attack. We love Toki and wanted to know how he is doing these days. We hope that he is alive and well and hopefully, he has found a mate. We also applaud the work of Simon King. He has done a wonderful job of raising the two cheetah cubs.

  • Patti

    here it is june 27, 2010, just saw the program on my pbs station. how i loved the show and was so touched by simon and stephen ( and i’m sure an army of others ) and their care for two little cubs and then there was one… Toko. i too would love to hear an update and hope that toki is able to mate and pass on exordinary genes for the future these fantastically awesome cats.

  • carolyn

    toki has touched my heart. i hope he lives a long happy life, with a mate and cubs of his own. please do a update soon. i would love to follow his wonderful life.

  • emceemk

    Echoing Patti’s sentiments above– I just saw the program today, and I was captivated by Loki and his relationship with Simon & Stephen. Can someone please possibly post a specific link towards current updates?

  • Josie

    Cheetahs are my favorite animal (Besides wolves, lol) And this touched my heart. I am wondering how Toki is doing, please update soon!

  • Faye

    I just saw the program and the life of Toki and Simon. Why not find Toki a mate and maneuver him to her, Simon? I’d like an update, also. My husband and I were enthralled watching this beautiful animal.

  • Deborah

    Bravo! I stayed up long past my bedtime riveted by Simon, Toki, & Sambu’s story. Our planet would be so much healthier if we could all spend a fraction of the time that Simon has spent with the cheetahs. Even in the largest cities, we are surrounded by wildlife, and much of this wildlife is in need of helpful & thoughtful modifications to our human habits. Imagine if human achievement was measured by our contributions to nature and creating a healthier planet for ourselves and other species!

  • Rene

    Wow…a great program tonite. Why has there not been any updates on Toki. Don’t keep us hanging an longer!

  • Chris (just posted above)

    I couldn’t take not knowing Toki’s fate so I googled ‘Toki cheetah update’ and there is a posting from Ol Pajeta Conservancy (2009) stating that Toki is fine, still in the 4,000acre enclosure, and becoming ‘progressively wild’…

    Here is the link:

    ‘In his enclosure on the Conservancy Toki is now becoming increasingly wild and has become completely self-sufficient, killing his own prey and fending for himself in his spacious enclosure. He is no longer approachable by humans, other than those that he knows very well and has progressively become more challenging to track, even for the monitoring team!’ – Ol Pajeta Conservancy


  • Laura

    A wonderful but sad story about Toki losing his mother as a cub, losing his brother and now living alone in the wilds. Also, wonderful that there are people like Simon out there doing all he can to preserve these magnificent animals and has been able to remain close to Toki. It’s a heartfelt story and we hope that he lives a long and happy life. Our best to Toki. Thank you for the update on Toki.

  • Alyssa

    I love Toki and Sambu

  • Tony C

    Simon, I watched your show about Toki tonight, Thursday July 1, 2010 on WLIW. You have no idea how emotional I was watching how you raised Toki. I want to know how he is and how you are doing. I watch your show everyday I can about all the cats, but you and the Cheetah’s touch me like no other. I would give anything to be your helper and yes, I would have slept with Toki each night she needed that company. I have two tattoes of cats on my arms now and was thinking of a third. I want Toki !!! I have become attached to him and never want to forget him. Me and animals seem to connect very well and I would give up everything just to be in your shoes helping them. Toki will be imbedded in me for the rest of my life so i will always be thinking of him, and of coarse worried about him also.

  • Ruth

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us. I fell in love with Toki and for the first time ever was compelled to use the Internet to find out what has happened after a show was over. I was glad to know that he continues to live a good life. Thank you for providing that with him.

  • Eric & Phebe

    Great program on KQED, watched during the aternoon of July 4th. We loved the story of Toki and Sambu. Thank you for this program.

  • Teresita

    i was also wondering what happened with toki. I would like to hear the update on toki.

  • liz

    Toki is so beautiful!

  • christie anna

    Please update the glorious cheetah , named ” Toki” . This inspires me , yet always manages to break my heart. We are here as human’ s , for such a short stay and should be our honor to take care of the place we so boldly call our we as all humanity are icausing such man made destruction, such as the latest disaster in the u.s. gulf. The fall out on this will effect this planet will stay here well beyond money and people. This is only one more ignorant human ugliness to our vanity that is all I can say is A horror.

  • christie anna

    This is my reply for tony c. You said it !!!! My feelings are attached to yours. Beautifully stated. Hope you read this….animals are much more intelligent than most ” humans ” attribute them. I , as well as you would , and wished I could be in the shoes of these wonderful, special , concerned, angels to the animals that deserve more than they have……more than a lot of horrible people!!!___Christie from California…..stuck in a stagnant habitat!!!!

  • Clifford Brooks

    All I can say is WOW great job Simon, Steve & staff,hope all is well With TOKI in 2010.Thank you for letting us in on a rarely see event by us flatlanders. GO get’em TOKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bathsheba

    toki is so cool but i wish sambu never died so he could live with his brother

  • bobby clementine

    Toki deserves a protected life because he was not raised wild and does not register the self preserving fear that truly wild creatures experience. I loved the program! Brilliant!

  • Tim Banks

    How is Toki doing these day? A fresh update would be great..

  • Susie Weiner

    What a wonderful story of the Cheetah orphans. It brought me to tears! I’ve watched it many times, and every time it touches me! Toki (and Sambu ) are so lucky that Simon found them. Just an extraordinary story!! Please keep us up to date! We need more people like Simon and Steven in our world – Thank you!!

  • Misty

    Just to let everyone know, I went to Simon’s website and he posted in his diary for Feb/March 2010, that Toki is at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, He is alive and well. He is now scared of humans, which is very good. Here is a link to Simon’s diary –

  • Julie A

    What a spectacular show about Toki. I, too, have been wondering if he is ok. I hope he is happy.



  • @_jtp

    Great doc! It showed the cruelty of the world. The doc displayed that Toki had to persevere through losing his mother and brother to become a strong cheetah in his own right. Many life lessons that a human can take from this animal’s journey, showing us that we are in the circle life surviving in this massive yet small planet.

  • Ivan

    I came here because, like most posters, I wanted to learn about Toki’s condition. Thank you Misty for pointing out the date on Simon’s diary, otherwise I would still be looking. I am so glad Toki is back to being wild, a part of his natural element. I cannot express enough with words the heartfelt gratitude I feel toward Simon King for having delivered us a true gem, a perfect gift to understand our humanity, our true place on the planet.

    Toki is now being helped in his new life by the good wishes of all of us who have been blessed by getting to know about his existence, as he is now part of our lives.

    Thanks to Simon King’s humanity.


    Ivan Menjivar

  • Ann Moore

    There is an update on Toki in Simon’s diary for 2010. He was last seen fat, healthy and successful and now much more afraid of humans (which Simon considers good). Simon didn’t see him, but the rangers definitely confirmed Toki’s well being.

  • Rashmi Desai

    So happy to know Toki is doing well. We are very grateful to Simon King for his dedecation, love and passion for wild big cats. Love to go to Africa see all wild animal and visit Toki too. It’s my dream and it will come true sooner than later. Hope there are many more episode on wild big cats.Mr.King thanks for saving Toki’s life.
    Thanks to Simon King’s humanity
    Rashmi Desai

  • shirley

    A very touch story. Did Simon find Toki no, juni 2011? Thank you Simon for saving those cheetahs. You have done very well. I would have done the same.

  • Judy

    According to Simon’s latest online entry(March2011) he was going to look for Toki, but in his Feb.2011 entry, he had reservations about Toki still being alive. In fact, he said that his hopes for Toki being alive were “dim.” He said that Toki had not been wearing a collar for awhile and, also, had not been seen for quite some time.

  • Sandra M.-

    We have just enjoyed the film about Sambu and Toki. It’s been a while since the production and I have just read Judy’s message. Anything can be possible, we certainly wish Simon finds Toki alive. Let us know what’s going on with Toki. Please. We hope for the best. God bless Toki and Simon!!! :)

  • Maary

    Toki is alive and well, but still no mate, how depressing! Simon, I wish you the best in your continued search for Toki a suitable mate to make many beautiful babies.

  • Sami

    Just viewed the film and it was such a learning experience for me about these amazing cheetahs. I hope you will find Toki alive and well.

    Best wishes for your continued success, Simon.

  • Kathryn

    Just watched “Cheetah Orphans” again (saw original showing in 2007). Still brings tears. I also still pulling for Simon to find a mate for Toki so he may continue his legacy.

    What an amazing experience to have had such a relationship with such extraordinary animals.

  • Tobin

    So all these comments from all these people and no response on how he’s doing. What is the latest news on his existence?

  • GordonE

    Hi, Just watched the episode about Sambo and Toki the cheetah orphans on PBS New york last night on “Nature”.
    The program prompts viewers to check the pbs website for news on Toki. I see a lot of interest expressed here.
    Can the producers contact Simon, to find out the latest news. I fear that Toki, such a beautiful animal will meet the same fate as his brother . I feel that once an animal has been partially domesticated, and has the partial scent of a human, the other predaters will sense this and make him a target.. Simon expresses his dilemma with the decision to keep Toki confined in small space or left to roam free. I’m hopeful he can survive in the rhino’s sanctuary.
    It is sad to see the decline of many of our animal species, like our polar bear here in Canada.
    Good work Simon for giving 2 special animals a chance, they surely would not have lasted one day without you.

  • yvonne duvall

    simon, please post an update on toki. saw the program on sambo and toki last night, june 26th 2011 for the first time. i can’t the story out of my mind. please let me know. yvonne duvall.

  • Kim J

    I watched the show last night about Sambo and Toki – please provide an update on Toki. What an amazing story.

  • Jean D.

    Saw the show about Toki last evening on our local PBS in far Northern Ca. Would appreciate an update on this wonderful creature.

  • Karyn

    I loved this documentary! I wonder how Toki is doing today? Have they found a mate for him & does he have any cubs of his own. I felt Simon’s stress when Toki got out & when he found him, the relief. I remember saying, just take him & get him somewhere safe. Toki was so domesticated, the poor guy seemed so confused as he stood there by that tree. I’m so happy he was moved to a secure location free from predators. I’d love to hear how he is doing today.

  • jackie wakat

    what a wonderful made me think about the movie Born Free and elsa the lion. thanks to God and simon for this wonderful and beautiful animal. may his sucess continue.

  • Steven Michael Wroblewski

    Amazing. To think that a wild large cat could be as friendly as Toki is simply amazing. Hats off to you Simon, you did a great thing, I hope that your success continues. Good luck Toki!!!

  • Karyn

    I just read an update from 2010 on another site, written by Simon. Sadly to date it is unknown if Toki is alive. He had been living in the same enclosure & had become less used to humans. The spotted paw prints in the enclosure but determined it to be another predator, a leopard, cameras revealed it was a spotted leopard, and it’s unclear how he got in. Toki hasn’t been spotted in awhile so either he got out the same way the leopard got in or he fell prey to the leopard. Sad. I do hope he is ok & happy.

  • Geri

    I just saw the show, and was wondering how Toki is doing, please, let me hear that he is alive and a father….

  • Libby

    Here is a link to a very current update on Toki:​the_cheetah

  • Anna

    Here is a link to the most recent update I could find. It’s dated January 2011.

  • Jason

    Sorry Libby, that link didn’t pull up what you were hoping. If there’s any other link or way of finding out updates I’d love to know. Thanks

  • Jason

    Hey Anna, thanks for posting that link with the newest update.

  • chris

    im soooooooooooooooo glad tokis still alive

  • Trinity

    im glad tokis alive too keep updating thanks :) Trinity

  • shah

    I just watched episode about Toki and his brother. Very nice to hear about Toki is still alive!! :) :)

  • Donna

    I am so glad that Toki is safe and happy. What a magnificent cat!

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  • katie

    when is the next episode?

  • Loserjay

    Nature : The Cheetah Orphans is a really outstanding episode, I really enjoyed it, if you watched the B^B^C version of Cheetah Orphans, there is a long extended Sambu footage before he is killed by Lion, that did not make it to Nature episode, i really recommend that also.

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