The Cheetah Orphans
Video: Rabid Cheetah Attack

A wild cheetah with rabies rushes filmmaker Simon King.

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  • morgan15

    did you have to show the blood

    it was horrible
    xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

  • Aggie

    Whoa! Toki mustve been scared i missed like half the video though the camera was so shaky and whooo.and yeah did you have to show all the blood Yuck!

  • zachary

    yeah i loved it i loved the blood

  • trent

    i like tigers meowww!!!

  • Johnny

    that was great footage…and showing the blood was great…it shows the seriousness of damage of what these animals will and can do…they’re not meant to be pets…being raised overseas where they really don’t edit things out is more realistic, i wished America would get out of its bubble and would do the same…Great Job on your study…keep it up…my family and i are learning a lot from what you do…Take Care and God Bless…

  • rachel

    I’m 11 years old and i really think the whole thing was really beautiful how he adapted the cheeetahs,i’m doing my elective on them.when i saw the documentay on nature channel,i started crying

  • Bennett

    That was cool!

  • Connor

    the blood isn’t nasty its awesome! i have like 7 pictures of animals on my wall my favorite animal is all dangeous animals

  • OJ

    i woulda bounceb on that thing



  • yo mma

    it was the best 2min and34 sec of my life

  • Sarah

    Well it serves them right, they are the big creatures walking up-right and those cats dont know them and put them in the catagory “potentionally harmful”. The scratches weren’t that bad but hey, cheetahs are bigger than house cats…

  • cheetah girl

    those guys are stupid they sould of let the cheetah be or try to help it the only person who derserves to help the cheetahs is doctor laurie marker

  • Azn Boi

    i hope the cheetah doesn’t have rabies

  • miracle walden

    the video was perfect but i do not like it when it tried to attact.

  • cc

    i love cheetah i hope thier


    MORE BLOOD (preferably from the cheetah) would have been better

  • E

    wasent enough blood shown, in my opinon…

  • mony

    i wish ,i could see the latest video,s of internet

  • giveny1

    was he ok i saw the show last night i hope he was

  • Patrice

    I am a cat lover and this was one of the best & saddest documentaries I’ve seen. The brothers bond and their bond with Simon King was so unreal. I couldn’t believe how close they all were. Thank you Mr. King for allowing the public to expereince this love with you. I didn’t think Toki would make it after losing his brother and the fight with the 3 cheetahs. Thank god he pulled thru. This was truly a tear jerker.

  • chihara b.

    More blood!!!!!!!!my little brother Noah loves toki because its a cat.My cat smoky says that you should make a video of her because she can run and hunt and especially puuuuuurrr.(invader to).chihara barnes 11.+ needs MORE blood (not from the cheatah)!

  • Jack

    i like the dubbed in lion noises. Cheetah’s don’t roar.

  • Maddy

    I got shivers down my spine when they showed the blood. NASTY!

  • erin

    simon should make his own website. does he have one?

    this cheetah was probably just rambunctious. it was a very large female! i love cheetahs, they are my favorite animal. this female has really shown how strong cheetahs actually can be! dang if the camera man just kept the camera still this would be awesomer!

  • Carry Storlie

    This content price checking. I ran across that well crafted and even comfortably simple. I wish to professionally we appreciate you the amount of time you spent to publish the following. I am just very pleased and even loose time waiting for your following article.

  • Cana

    Much apreciate cheeetahs for. They show great brave. I love phill camera phil man. Carry I love ur respons great work. Cheetah very beauty and harmy species; We r all best 5 year olds watcching cats and ave great nowlege about cheeetahs. Lets not pretend aye? CLUB PENGUIN IS POO HEADED, DONT ADD ME!

  • Diane

    it was sad that the rabid cheetah died :’(

  • Lesley

    SAD that you said the cheetah was rabid. Can I believe what you say; can I believe in the tests? I DON’T THINK SO.
    I would also froth at the mouth being kept locked up in a tiny cage, especially if I had cubs to look after. Maybe I don’t know how bad rabies is, but the poor cat could have at least had a more humane ending. It certainly did not look like rabies, more like a desperate, caged cat that had a previous life and could not do anything about it.

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  • Alan Smith

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  • Carolyn Birenbaum

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  • Rwa kulszowa

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  • maggie

    ugh!! did you have to show the blood! i almost fainted, those things make me queasy!

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