The Dolphin Defender
Video: Rescue in Nicaragua

After the Nicaraguan government finds out that two dolphins have been captured for a “swim-with” program at a resort hotel, rescuers are dispatched to track them down. They find that the captors have abandoned the dolphins in a cesspool of their own excrement. Racing against the clock, the rescuers rush the dolphins back to the waters where they were captured, hoping they will be able to reconnect with their pod.

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  • izy

    This is SO great! Thank you Nature for this wonderful story. It filled my heart to know that there are people out there that care for, and protect this amazing species.

  • Kathleen McGough Johnson

    Hi, Hardy
    I am looking forward to seeing your documentary on dolphins! Just saw the Internet snippet, which you narrated. This is a long way from introducing tunes
    . . . “from the racks of wrinkled records, this one sold a million!” Cheers from a Guatemala Fulbright friend from 1966!
    Kathleen McGough Johnson

  • krazy

    This was wonderful!!!!

  • Kathy Moorehead

    Reposted to my Facebook. How nice to see what a difference GOOD MEN can make in this world. Congratulations to the leadership of Nicaragua. Makes me want to spend some vacation dollars down there. Yeah Nicaragua!!

  • Ava

    AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People- SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy

    This video is inspiring, it just shows how much time and effort the WSPA put into rescuing poor defenceless animals.

  • Farmington Middle School

    Our reading class read an article about Nica and Blue Fields. We realized the dedication that Hardy Jones puts forth to help save dolphins. It made our class happy that he saves them.

  • South School 5th grade

    Our reading extension group read about Hardy Jones. We will now think about dolphins we see in the aquarium. We will think about where they came from. We will ask questions about them. We don’t like to see wild animals in captivity. Mrs. Dring’s extension class

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