The Dragon Chronicles
NATURE Comic Book - "Dragonhelm"

View and download the NATURE Comic Book “Dragonhelm” for a fantastical and fun adventure that works as a great companion to The Dragon Chronicles.

Download PDF [2.8 MB]

letters TODD KLEIN

  • Rick Veitch » Dragon In The Rough

    [...] Here’s one of the concept roughs I submitted for the recent cover of WNET’s NATURE COMICS. Have you been over to the PBS site to download my free dragon story? [...]

  • summer

    i like your comics i think they are lol

  • James Vederman

    Unrealistic Barbiesque & G.I. Joe-like body proportion rampant in comics since the 50s.

    Don’t insult boys by insinuating that they need this level of exaggerated bird-brain violence to be interested in the already-exciting biology. They’ll learn little-to-nothing from this kind of “educational” comic.

  • angelk

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  • The Biology Monster

    Good, the only problem is that it’s impossible to read the last page.

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