The Dragon Chronicles
Video: Komodo Dragon Chases Rom

It’s Rom’s first encounter with Komodo dragons in the wild. When one chases after him, he’s forced to beat a hasty retreat: if it catches him, Rom could become lunch.

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  • Co

    how fast do those things go

  • Jame

    If one of those komodo Dragon bite you and somehow you manage to get away, can the poison be neutralized? Explain please? These dinasour look-alike reptiles are the far most interesting creatures ever. But still, they need to be isolated before little kids like that boy mentioned in the video could become missing! For a minute there, Rom almost became lunch…lol

  • Anthony Scott

    Has any biologist come up with a use for the Komodo Dragon’s saliva?

  • Candace Selig

    My son is interested in how it is possible for the female to lay fertilized eggs without having sex. Is it true that she only gives birth to males then?

  • Lien

    u r so cool n funy wen u was raunin frum dat comoda dragon u rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon

    What an awesome animal, love it.

  • Stephen

    The Komodo Dragon can run up to 12 miles an hour.

  • Stephen

    Yes, it is true that the Komodo Dragon, when not fertilized by another male Komodo, gives birth to only males. But what is more interesting, is that her baby male Dragons do not share the same DNA as their mother, this will allow her to repopulate with her own offspring.

  • Black

    small creature, but dangerous, but atcually its like probably up to my knees

  • Greg

    “her baby male Dragons do not share the same DNA as their mother, this will allow her to repopulate with her own offspring.”

    What? If you think about it, this is not possible.

  • Kevin

    Actually Greg, due to something called ‘parthenogenesis’ it is very much possible. The process allows the creature to give birth to, or in this case, lay eggs with young that are not the byproduct of mating with a male. Since the process of gender determination in reptiles does not follow the same XY factor that is found in mammals, such as ourselves, but instead works on the basis of a ZW chromosome, the male offspring, being of a different gender, do not share the same dna or are different enough in relation that it allows for the possibility of breeding. This is especially true in areas like those where the komodo dragon is a native, since land area is small and therefore the population stays at such a low level that it would otherwise lead to serious mutations. The adaptation of the komodo dragon in this way is just another survival mechanism.

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