The Gorilla King
Video: Gorilla Baby

In 1974, researchers witnessed something few have ever seen: a newborn gorilla in the wild.

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  • Nancy Cudmore

    Amazing, it takes my breath away watching it on your video clip, I cannot imagine the priviledge of seeing it in person.

  • Susan Minx

    Tried getting an email through on Nature site but wouldn’t go through. 502 Proxy error.
    Loved Titus The Gorilla King. Wonderful program. PBS never disappoints. Always excellent. Please keep up the excellent work.

  • shay

    cute picture

  • Paula Everitt

    I am so in love with Mountain Gorillas. They have got to be the most beautiful,majestic,endearing animals I know of. It all started for me when I read ‘Virunga’ ,by Farley Mowat,The biographical story of Diane Fossey and her endeavours with the animals,mountains,gov’t,poachers,etc. I fell in love with the gorillas and was tormented by the awful things that were going on then and even still,nowadays. I cried like a baby when Digit was killed. I could feel Diane’s loss and pain too. She was a formidable woman and a Godsave to the Mountain Gorillas of the Virunga Mountains. A beautifully,genuine soul with a force to be reckoned with. She died horribly,and that was a tragic loss for the gorillas as well as people who admired her work and purpose driven life. I will definitely be watching PBS on Sunday night. Thank you so much for your broadcasts. I appreciate watching good t.v. with substance.

  • Paulette Wollard

    I am touched by the mountain gorilla Titus I could not sleep
    well thinking how much they are like humans. PBS has done it again!!!!!!!

  • Luois Flo.

    A beautiful video. I think it’s best to be aware. Too bad the territories in which the mountain gorilla is found in countries with so little security. Hopefully some government of these countries become strong with democracy and allow Western countries to invest in the care of gorials safely. abogado

  • Morley Salvesen

    Especially loved the music of this moving film. Titus was the species’ response to pressure from their main enemy: the featherless biped or talking ape, us.

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