The Gorilla King
Video: Kuryama's Challenge

Recent challenges to Titus’s rule by his rival, Kuryama, have the entire group of gorillas on edge.

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    michael white

  • Kathy

    The story of Titus and his group, as well as his early years, was absolutely fabulous!

  • carole

    What if Titus and Kuryama planned this peaceful transfer of power? What if they went to the mountain top to spend their last moments together so that Titus would not be alone until it was time to move on. What if humans could learn something from this?

  • moon

    wwwwoooooooooowwwwwwwww that was kinda long 4 a video02582=829825982582581

  • Andrea Cowart

    I don’t understand why humans want to kill these beautiful and interesting primates for a monkey hand ashtray. To me, they truly give us a perspective of who we are. Maybe man should look into their eyes, then we might realize who is more civilized. If we did, we’d realize the gorilla community is more civilized and caring than we are. I enjoyed this episode, as all the other episodes of Nature.

  • 08j701

    who won?

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