The Himalayas
Video: The Bear and the Fox

The Himalayan Brown Bear and Tibetan Fox go around hunting as a team. High-altitude cooperation or is the wiley fox just trying to steal a pika from under the bear’s nose? Watch the video:

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  • Kitty

    I always very much enjoy this series. You may want to double check your information. Pikas are not rodents. They are in a completely different order called lagamorphs.

  • Christopher Snow

    The Fox is a clever opportunist. Bummer that the bear goes hungry (this time).

  • Mike

    the fox is simply amazing and very intimidating.


    My son and I watched this program and then went on line and hunted down the DNA studies that were done on the snake, the wolves, and the bees. We were really shocked at what we found. Neither of us had any idea of how old the animal life was there, although we did have an idea of how old the human life in that area is.
    It was a really beautifully done production and we both would have loved for it to be longer. Any time a program can trigger further research into a subject, it is a really really good show. Judith Jones and Aaron Hiatt

  • Jennifer Lynn Weston

    It’s striking how the same big-and-small-predator relationship occurs all over the globe.

    That Tibetan fox is striking, too. It looks like what you’d get if you crossed a fox with a cat.

  • Alex Tarlowski

    Awesome show but too bad this 90 second clip did not include a shot from I think earlier in the broadcast with the bear standing on it’s hind legs looking at the camera. I was telling someone about that particular scene and hoped I could direct them to a video clip. For me it was the most memorable moment of the show. The bear seems very anthropomorphized and seeing it look into the camera was kind of half eerie and half comic, like a man/bear hybrid. The fox also had a very human like countenance.
    Anyhoo awesome show I’ve always wanted to visit the Himalayas and especially Everest and K2 thanks for bringing a glimpse of it to my living room.

  • Lisa

    Lagomorphs….. same family as rabbits :)

  • Bob Fowler

    First time to the site and was disappointed in not being able to view the entire episode – there was just too much to absorb in one watching but certainly don’t need the video.
    Otherwise, thanks for the snippets

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