The Himalayas
Video: The Himalayan Jumping Spider

In this harsh world of ice and rock lives a little spider. It one of the highest living animals in the world — having been found at 22,000 ft. Watch the video:

  • Herb Kawaglia

    I was really impressed with the insights of more animals living in these extreme environments, Thanks, Herb

  • Jennifer Lynn Weston

    There is one mistake in the narration: ‘A spider needs other insects to feed on.’ Spiders are arachnids, not insects.

  • Christy Cook

    Those spiders are so cute in the video clip. I like their eyes and their hairy legs.

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    I was very impressed watching the entire episode, It was very educative.
    thanks Gilbert May /29/13

  • Rita Dichtel

    such a beautiful program . . . thank you for the wonderful “trip” to the Himalayas !What a fantastic occupation the videographers and scientists of this series have.

  • Chris

    Another correction(how pretentious of us): springtails(collembola) aren’t primitive “insects” in that they’re not under the class “insecta,” but are hexapoda. Awesome spider, though.

  • linda cooke

    why is the entire program ‘the himalayas’ not available on line. i was so looking forward to watching it on my computer since i do not own a television. thank you for your replay.

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