The Loneliest Animals
Web-Exclusive Video: Gibbon Matchmaking

In western Indonesia, the Javan gibbons once had a much larger range. Now, they are confined to isolated fragments of forest. A group of scientists run a captive breeding program in the jungle there, but because the Javan gibbons mate for life, matching breeding pairs is a difficult process.

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  • jonisha

    Ilove it

  • MEG

    sooo cute i hope they work out!

  • Don

    Actually you are weakening the species and interrupting natural selection. Nothing cute about that.

  • ren

    i agree with Don. i think they are forcing the gibbons to conform to the conventional way most animals mate. overtime, they may lose their unique trait of having solely one life partner. when that time comes they won’t be the gibbons we know anymore. might as well change their name when it happens for the only species that only mates for life will be extinct.

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