The Loneliest Animals
Web-Exclusive Video: The Importance of Biodiversity

Up to 100 species disappear from the planet each day. In this web-exclusive video, scientists and conservationists discuss the importance of biodiversity and the dangers of extinction. We humans depend on the life around us to provide the conditions we need to survive.

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  • mariah

    that was supper cool lol

  • Jason G.

    I think it is not only heartbreaking but shocking that we(all life on planet earth) have come to this point. Everyone must ask themselves: Are we not the invasive species heavily tilting the biodiversity scale?

  • Beth Stackhouse

    We humans depend totally on our environment and we don’t even realize it. We are wiping out the very things that make our lives up and for our future grandchildren. It is our duty to take care of the earth.

  • melissa walters

    I just really wanted to say something….

    This is just so sad, I just can’t believe that humans are the one who are destroying things, we are the smartest and most capable, if anything we should be the one helping, we depend on the biodiversity and life around us. The computer you are staring at right now is made with almost 100% living ( well was living ) things. We are destroying the world we live in, WHY?……

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