The Private Life of Deer
Video: Clearing Fences

For whitetailed deer, the ability to run fast and jump high is a survival adaptation. They will jump in the wild to evade predators and overcome obstacles. In more suburban areas, deer can clear fences over 8 feet without a running start. “The Private Life of Deer” airs Wednesday, November 27 at 10/9c on PBS (check local listings).

  • Noanie

    I absolutely love Nature and its programming. However, there are always too many technical problems with this site. The preview for The Private Life of Deer, isn’t working, appearing to be in a perpetual state of loading. I have read the same complaint by viewers over the years. It would be greatly appreciated if you would please give the site, Nature, the same technical attention and easy of usage, as is obviously given to Masterpiece, Nova, or Independent Lens, etc.. Programming for Nature is not only outstanding but allows us to take a respite from our hurried, stressful world and lives. Nature also provides viewers with the opportunity to see firsthand, the lives of animals within their natural and any threats to their habitat and or continuation as a species. Please, would you make more of an effort to keep the online, PBS site, Nature, easier to use with less technical problems.

    Thank you.

  • AD

    I echo the previous person’s comments. Terrific programming, but the streaming feature is consistently such a pain that I end up going to other PBS programming instead. Seems as though you’re not set up for the load of how many viewers would like to watch? Whatever the issue, despite deeply valuing what you’re offering, I’ve now been mostly conditioned to stay away.

  • L. oakley-Gordon

    My husband and I enjoy watching NATURE on T.V. and look forward to the programme at all times. I do hope others find it just as interesting. Thanks for enlightening us.

  • L.Oakley-Gordon

    I really wish I could protect myself from my perpetrators by jumping so high over a fence .It must to be taken in consideration that deer can be dangerous if they are attacked or provoked in any way that they do not like. Bamby is nice here in Canada but cruel too!

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