The Queen of Trees
Photo Essay: An Extraordinary Ecosystem

  • Lydia Ortiz

    This is such an amazing documentary. I had goosebumps all through out the show. = )

  • Allen


  • emily

    Wow! These really are amazing.

  • Bill

    Fascinating; it should be made available on a dvd.

  • liz

    amazing i loved the video

  • April

    Absolutely wonderful, amazing film and story. Thank you!

  • robert

    amazing what a great show

  • Pat Z

    This is the second time I’ve watched “The Queen of Trees”. I waited for its return. The story and photography are just as amazing the second time around.

  • Dave

    I am fascinated by the baby Hornbill, and can anyone tell me what kind of insect that it fought off to protect itself and its nest?

  • Lena Wright

    It was my first time watching this amazing film and was in awe. This Queen of Trees, is the mother for all. She feeds everything and everyone on planet earth. She also likes to grow beside the river to drink lots of water to keep her body, leaves and fruits fresh. She takes it as a pleasure to feed the birds and insects who perched among her branches and sings happy songs to her.This is definitely the work of the Mighty God. I hope they will put it on a DVD.

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