The Queen of Trees
Video: Giving Food and Shelter

Located along the riverbanks of southern Kenya, the sycomore fig tree is the centerpiece of an extraordinary ecosystem, producing several tons of fruit a year and feeding more varieties of animals than any other kind of tree in Africa.

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  • Roger Foreman

    this is the best nature film I have everseen. Inspirational.

  • diosmary

    Nice nature film, this reminds me of God’s creation.

  • NowPBSfan

    I was spellbound. Beautiful pictures throughout. Excellent story and research. A model for all other nature shows to follow.

  • joe garcia

    I am spellbound. I want watch it over and over.
    The location is awesome and the narration is to behold.

  • Anna Carter

    It was the most amazing nature show I’ve ever seen.It drew me in like a great drama.I’m buying the video today! Thank you!!!

  • Harry

    Wow. Nature really does take care of it’s own

  • Rory

    I saw this NATURE when it was first on PBS…Amazing!!! This show blew my mind; I’d love to share this with everyone I know.

  • Daniel Beckman Sr.

    This was a magnificent piece of work,bravo!

  • Gino

    Hi guys I seen a part of this at my freinds place and I was amazed, is there a way to download the whole thing to my computer or order it on dvd ? This was a great show.

  • Alaskana

    Fabulous. I am very much looking forward to seeing the entire programme next Sunday night.

    Many thanks,


  • robertahynes

    Amazing! I love your show.Watch it every week.This video is beautifully done!

  • Laurie Jo Andry

    I would love to use this in my high school biology classroom. Are there any supplement materials avaiable to use with it? Or has PBS developed any lesson plans that use this as a resource? I thoroughly enjoyed this show last Sunday. Thanks for airing it again.

  • NATURE Online

    Unfortunately, no lesson plans were created for this episode. We appreciate your interest in using NATURE in the classroom!

  • Rochelle

    I watch of lot of the Nature shows and this one is by far my favorite one I never get tired of watching it it’s beautifully done it show’s how God thought of everyone down to the smallest of creatures

  • Dom Salute

    A wonder of God is the fig,
    Although it’s not very big.
    In the vast web of life,
    With all of its strife,
    It performs it’s marvelous gig!

  • JohnAtl

    This is one of, if not the best Nature documentary I’ve seen.
    Evolution has given us such a grand and wonderful world!

  • Dylan

    I’ve seen many nature shows in my life, and this one is certainly among the most beautiful. The cinematography and storytelling was outstanding. As close as I’ve ever come to crying for an insect.

  • ขายเครื่องเสียง

    Monitored throughout. You very much.

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