The Real Macaw

NATURE takes you to the deepest enclaves of the Amazon for a first-hand look at macaws.

Everyone loves macaws. Playful, intelligent, beautiful, they are the stars of parrot parks and zoos, and the cherished pets of devoted owners around the world. All of which makes them prime targets for poachers, who can make enormous profits from illegal sales of the birds. Thousands are smuggled from the wild each year, and many die in the process.

In the forests of South America, several species of macaw are severely endangered. But there is hope on the horizon. Dr. Charlie Munn, a wealthy American who is also a leading ornithologist and world expert on parrots, has begun a campaign to promote eco-tourism as a means of saving the birds. Employing former poachers as conservationists, and providing locals with the means to start and maintain a trade in tourism instead of smuggling, he’s betting that instead of buying birds, their fans will pay to see them in the wild.

NATURE’s The Real Macaw offers bird lovers the rare opportunity to enjoy these beautiful birds in their natural habitats rather than in pet stores and cages.

Online content for The Real Macaw was originally posted February 2004.

  • Mercedez

    I WANT TO SEE THIS SHOW.. I have heard EVERYTHING about it, but I cannot find a site or place to see it.. I have no cable :(

  • June Lovell

    I would like to see a recent show of birds of Austaralia. It aired in the last weeks of October.
    Can I get a video of the show?

  • Lisa

    I really want to see this too and can’t find it. Has anyone found it yet anywhere?

  • arcangel

    i want to see shows about the parrots family. do you have something like that?

  • James

    Where can I find the exact location via internet of [Parrots in Australia,The land of oz,The color of nature,At the end of the day?]Narrorated by Signora Weaver!

  • Dennus

    Has anyone found this show. Is anyone getting any answers.

  • NATURE Online

    You can find a DVD of this program by clicking the “shop” link at the top of this site.

  • emily

    I love this macaw because is it beatiful bird .I whant to see because is look good.

  • ak

    Macaw are cool. I wish to see one in real life.

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  • Douglas Heath

    I would like to order some of your videos (dvd) if I can, but everytime I go to “shop” it sends me in a direction I don’t want to go. I’m looking for videos of parrots. Could you set up a portal/link that I may order any of your parrots videos?
    Thank You, Douglas Heath

  • Tiago

    Where I can buy this show?

    I love macaws, they are so beautiful. The blue color of Hyacinth Macaw ( is amazing. One of the most beautiful animals of Brazil.

  • jack devine

    Wherre can I purchase the Nature Program The Real Macaw



    I’m the one in the white beard

  • josemertin

    Nothing as easy as banning the possession of these birds to eradicate smuggling. Abogados

  • lisa

    How can we ensure that poachers have their arms cut off?

  • Jen


    A ban on the possession of macaws would be horribly unfair to those RESPONSIBLE pet owners who already own and love these birds, AND it would also be unfair to the birds! Macaws and other parrots form deep bonds with their humans, and to ban ownership and rip these birds out of their homes would do nothing but cause the birds unneeded stress and anxiety. What would you suggest we do with the birds? Set them free? They are imprinted on humans and don’t know how to survive in the wild (and no, they won’t learn how. I say this as someone who is involved in wildlife rescue and has worked with imprinted birds). Would you send them to zoos? Zoos might be able to take some, but there’s nowhere near enough room for all of them. Sanctuaries? Same situation as zoos.

    Yes, punish poachers. Yes, enforce laws against wild caught birds. Put restrictions on breeders. However, a knee-jerk ban against all ownership of macaws is not the answer.

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