The Venom Cure
Video: Clotting Agent in Snake Venom

Blood samples from a snake bite victim reveal something extraordinary: the snake’s venom caused the person’s blood to clot very quickly. Could a spray made from the clotting agent in the snake’s venom be used to prevent people from bleeding to death after an accident?

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  • charley

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  • raja

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  • dante joa

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  • starwarsgeek249

    A lot of the people who post comments here are very bad at spelling. Anyway, I think this is an awesome video I saw it before on TV and from what I see those procedures look very promising and I would like to see them become cures some day! Amazing isn’t it using a deadly substance to keep people alive, sounds crazy, but its a very intelligent idea!

  • Victoria Denisyuk

    i dont like snakes

  • nick

    Poisonous snakes of the world have evolved with a special gland that produces modified salvia that kills or paralyzes their prey. This “toxic spit” along with hollow teeth or “fangs” allows poisonous snakes to quickly strike and inject their prey. This makes them some of the world’s most deadly hunters. But venomous snakes will also strike out of self defense when threaten, which is the most common way that people get attacked. Scaring a poisonous snake can be a quick ticket to the local emergency clinic.

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  • Taren Turnblom

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  • lili

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